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Destructoid Story R | Let's Play


Good Evening!


A little while ago, this guy ^^^
made a game called DESTRUCTOID STORY R..


It was made with RPG Maker and it took him about three weeks to make. I'm always impressed when somebody does something like this for the community. It's almost like a morale boost. And, I think this site could always use some extra positivity.

Image by Roberto Plankton.


Meanwhile, I can barely even manage to get out a blog worth reading. But, this blog isn't about how I may or may not write incomprehensible poems. It's about how cool this community can be, stuff like taking avatars along to PAX East.

Nanashi with his spirit animals.


This blog is about commending MARCHE100 for a job well done.


I did a "let's play" video of the game, because I know how much you guys love those. Feel free to check it out if you haven't seen the game already.

And, if you haven't played the game, you can download it here.



Thanks for reading.
And, I'll end this with two questions...



Where in the eff do I find the two halves of the "Seal of Passage"?


And, If you had full control and reasonable resources...
What kind of game would you make?





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