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Burch's Teenage Sexism Survey was done on social media by friends, not students.


So at first I was just offended by http://www.destructoid.com/-we-want-more-female-heroes-and-less-sex-objects-say-teenage-boys-295631.phtml. It smelled suspect, but I had no real proof other than knowing how SJWs operate. A always, even the tiniest bit of journalistic research would have shown exactly how suspect it was.

#gamergate Teenage survey was a public straw poll posted in SJW circles. Sources

The survey was posted in this Facebook page, titled Girls Leadership on November 2014


This year, Ashly and I will present again but this time about girls and gaming. We're calling it Curiosity, Courage and Camouflage: Revealing the Gaming Habits of Teen Girls. But we need to survey young people about these issues and that's where you could help us! [...] Here's the link to the survey to check out.https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RPWgamers[2]

Here it's posted on a Tumblr page in 2014 asking for responses. The Tumblr blog is described as "Anonymous letters from Asexual, Demisexual, gray-sexual, and aromantic people to allosexual (non-ace) people."


Posted on two other Tumblr blogs around the same time


Here it's posted on the survey's creator (Roselind Wiseman) personal Facebook page.


And on her Twitter


Here it's on Ashly Burch's Twitter page.


 Reposted from http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sn16sq

They didn't go 'around the country' and hand this out. They posted it on social media, let their friends and followers do it, and likely just fudged all the ages. This really explains why they were deliberately making excuses for the size and scope of the survey and not releasing any conrete details or numbers. 

Once again, Destructoid, you really need to reign this kind of baseless clickbait crap in. 

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