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So many ladies.


So, I regrettably just read another piece of tabloid swill from Destructoid's own giant beacon of everything wrong with game's journalism Jed: http://www.destructoid.com/-we-want-more-female-heroes-and-less-sex-objects-say-teenage-boys-295631.phtml

Last month I wrote how I had played like 30 games just in 2015 with female characters. Though, a certain percentage of that number were eroge based titles, or just straight up porn like Huniepop. So, this "article" got me thinking...how many games with female leads, strong female characters, etc etc do I have. Basically I looked at my collection and counted every game I have that I could, in good conscience, say the sexuality of the female characters is not the focus. Sadly, that DQ'd Moero Chronicle which I just finished, and that's a fucking amazing dungeon crawler JRPG, but the ladies' eroticism is heavily on display or Senran Kagura, which despite the jiggle, has very fun, complex, and strong female characters anyway. I also cut out ports, HD remasters, and the like since that would be artificial padding.I also didn't throw in really cheap things like the Mario, Mega Man and X games where the ladies are just set-dressing. Though, I did count MMX Command Mission as it does have 2 playable female characters and SMB 2 and Mario's 3D World as Peach and Rosalina are playable.  Lastly I cut out games where the character has no gender which really just DQ's Armored Core games. 

Okay I got sick of counting, short answer it's over 200, which means its over 66% of my personal collection and that doens't count Steam exclusive stuff either. Now, does every game have a female protagonist? No. But that wasn't part of the criteria. I looked at a game and said "Does it have a female as the lead or part of the playable party for the majority of the game?" This would rule out stuff like... say if FF15 let you get Cidny as DLC or Ninja Gaiden 3 where Momiji and Ayane wander around with you a bit, but NOT NG3 Razer's Edge which makes Ayane, Momiji AND Kasumi all playable and all in fairly conservative outfits. Unles you're like.. Mormon, or something.

So, let's say the average game takes about 10 hours to complete, and that's cutting it real low since a lot of what I counted is easily in the 20hr+ range if you're willing to put any effort in to them, and I didn't even count MMOs. That's 2000 hours of gaming someone could spend on games of what is a miniscule representation of gaming's life-long library. 

Now, I have to confess, I haven't played everything I counted. Why? Well, as I stated earlier, I've played just shy of 30 games with female characters as the protagonist or a playable characters this year alone. Now, if you do some math, that's 30 games that have all released in the past 18-24 months and several of them have run me dozens, even hundreds of hours. What's the point of this statement? There's too fucking many games with female characters! There's so much that someone with even a fairly sparse work/social life wouldn't have time to play even a fraction of what comes out every year. So why do we keep hearing this utterly false claim that there's no games with female leads or this idiotic idea that there's too much sexualization?! And we're getting more and more every year! I literally can't keep up with it. Maybe if people got off tumblr and twitter for a bit and actually played some games instead of screaming about their own utterly incorrect assumption about the state of gender representation of gaming, they could fuck-off and find something else to be mad about.

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