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I bought a Playstation TV


I am really excited!!! I bought a Sony System and I am going to play the games that I never have really been able to play since high school when I hanged out with friends that owned a Playstation.

Guess I always have been on the boat to purchasing a Sony system; it’s just that there were many bumps in the way that kept me from legitimately allowing myself to make such a purchase.

Not that I have anything against Sony systems, but they usually are not very cheap.

I almost bought a PSP, but then I remembered that the GBA SP, and the DS were much less. $60-$100 vs $200 is almost a no brainer for me.

Yes the PSP was better but the difference was that I could spend $100-140 on games. Which honestly was the only reason I never made the jump.

I almost bought a PS3 in College, but I was too much of a video game hipster… AKA I spent $150 on a Sega Genesis model with a x32 with the proper cords and After Burner II and After Burner 32x, and Mega Turrican (with box for $20).

I spent a stupid amount of money in college on a lot of small things, and the problem is the PS3 was one huge thing I could never get myself to buy. Cause the cost was a lot: at the time used systems went for $200-$250 and new ones went for $250… There was just not enough reasoning on my end to see that if I halted some of my spending practices I could have gotten a PS3.

But then again I made a killing on the early Steam Sales - -> Back when they actually were crazy deals and not slight discounts.


There were many chances I could have taken to buy the latest systems and get a PS4, PS3, PSP, or Vita.

But recently I just broke down and bought the PlayStation TV… I call it the Vita TV because that is literally what it is XD.


But I did not want the combo pack with The Lego Movie: The Game. I liked the Lego Games back in the day when all they had was Lego Star Wars Episode 1 really made those movies a lot of fun. But now that the market is saturated with them (again I am a hipster) they have really lost any charm to me. Which is sad, cause besides terrible game breaking glitches those games were pretty fun.

Good movie, but I am not sure I really would want a game baised on it.

So I rather not spend the extra $15 on a silly game I cannot re-sale because no one wants that game… It’s not even worth re-selling.

So I got the GameStop Deal for $40, and unlike what my local store told me it did come with the power cord and HDMI.
Did you know that used PS3 controllers are quite scarce in Phoenix, Arizona?

Not only did my local shops not have used ones, but none of the other stores did… So I have to think that people bought up all the extra used supplies of Dual Shock 3s in case there was a surge of people buying older stuff for the backwards compatibility.

There was one store in my area that was selling Dual Shock 3… used for $40

Which is a total rip off considering for $50 you can buy new ones… For $60 you can buy new Dual Shock 4…

So instead I went to a pawnshop and they had a Dual Shock 4 for $40. Thinking to myself: If I have to pay extra I might as well get the top of the line. Cause the value of Dual Shock 3 is only going to drop faster than the Dual Sock 4.

I was going to trade some Amiibos and games but it seemed every shop I went to devalued them to $10, which online the Squid from Splatoon goes for $50… by itself.

At the cash register the owner told me it was $32!!! Even though there was a sticker for $40. So I saved $8 and paid less than what the other store wanted for a used Dual Shock 3.

 Its not black, but I am okay with that.

So my total came to $92 plus tax, but it only cost me $10 more and I got exactly what I wanted. (No games are better than a game you did not want right?)

Immediately I bought Mega Man x4, the game that really started this whole problem. I probably could have bought a used PSP or Vita, but this seemed right to me as I can play it on a TV than some scratched used screens.

I think going the Vita way is better than the PS3 or PS4. Mainly because I am restricted to a single bedroom when it comes to gaming. I simply just don’t have the space.

Oddly enough it feels right at home next to my Nintendo Wii U, though I wished they made a vertical stand for both. Then I would be in micro console heaven.

Since, I was in the midst of buying games on the PS store I went ahead and just bought Final Fantasy Nine. There seems to be little to no room for Sony wanting to port this game and I wanted to play it since it was one of the hottest games I never have gotten to play.

Sure emulators could have been faster and cheaper, but I actually enjoy keeping some content off of my PC :).

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