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Destructoid willfully misrepresents something, no one is shocked. (Fire Emblem)


As per usual lately, Destructoid has willfully misrepresented a LGBT issue in gaming for clicks and to stir a controversy based of tumblr idiocy. I'm refering to their coverage of the 'gay conversion' in Fire Emblem Fates. I've copied THE ENTIRE conversation below, properly translated.

Soleil: Ah, there you are. Kamuo-san!

Kamui: Soleil. You came!

Soleil: What’s up? You called me out here and I don’t see anything here.

Kamui: Ah, but there is something. Look up at the sky.

Soleil: The sky? Oh . . .

Kamui: On this side you can best how big the sun is.

Soleil: Wow, this is really pretty!

Kamui: Yes. It’s like looking at you.

Soleil: Hmm?

Kamui: Your smiling face is like the sun. I want to be next to that face, always looking at it.

Soleil: What is it, Kamuo-san? Did you hit your head really hard?

Kamui: No! I was being totally serious!  . . . Soleiyu, I have something I want you to accept.

Soleil: This is a ring.

Kamui: That’s right. Today, I called you here to propose to you.

Soleil: Marriage? Whaaaa!?

Kamui: I tried to find one that would suit you, modeled after the sun. I’d be glad if you accepted this.

Soleil: (pauses) I’m sorry!

Kamui: Oh.

Soleil: Wait, that’s not it! I wasn’t going to refuse. You went to all the trouble of confessing. I was apologizing for asking if you hit your head.

Kamui: Ah, is that all. You had me surprised.

Soleil: Of course my answer is “okay”! There’s no other man who can make my heart race like this. From the day I saw you as a woman, I always liked you.

Kamui: Oh, from the day you saw me as a woman. What if that hadn’t happened . . . you fell in love with the female me!?

Soleil: Right!

Kamui: Right, she says.

Soleil: But that’s okay. Right now I totally love the male Kamuo-san. Because from the time I drank that magic powder, I was seeing people as girls. And from that time, the only one who made my heart race was you, Kamuo-san. Even now, my heart is beating. Hey, want to touch my chest and see?

Kamui: Whoa! That’s not good!

Soleil: Why not?

Kamui: We’re not even a couple yet, I can’t be recklessly pawing a lady’s body. I understand how you feel . . . and you need to take good care of yourself.

Soleil: All right, I got it.

Kamui: That’s it. Thank you for accepting my marriage proposal. I’ll definitely make you happy. And in return, don’t fool around with other men. Although I probably don’t have to worry about that with you.

Soleil: (laughs) I won’t fool around. From now on, the only one for me is Kamuo-san. (spoken) Thank you! And I love you very much! This is the first time I’ve felt this way other than with women. This is a little embarrassing.

(scene ends)

[TL Note: And that was the scene. When we look at the entire content instead of cherry-picking, we see it’s a rather harmless and cute moment in a fantasy game. Her agency wasn’t reduced, and she could have refused his proposal at any time]

She isn't brainwashed in to being straight, she isn't forced in to heterosexual repationships/sex. She is under magical bullshit to see men as cute girls in attempt to get her over her massive, crippling, battlefield issue of getting flustered and fainting at their presence. Her sexual orientation is not her weakness and is never presented as such, unless you're some deceptive SJW scumbag. 

See, Destructoid, this is why you don't base your report on reports based on FUCKING TUMBLR. It was based off a rushed, shitty translation, and someone getting their panties wadded up cause why bother waiting for all the details when you can throw a hissyfit and do clickbait. I see why this pisses tumblrettes off so much, its romantic interest based on non-gender traits (she falls for Kamui as a girl, but remains in love with him even after the gender potion as worn off), and they'll be damned if everything isn't a gender issue.

Is this another part of that "Who needs facts and objectivity, we've got feelings to be considered!' 'review' policy at this site now? Just letting uninformed, knee jerk reactions be your only guiding post? Well atleast you updated the article later on, but if you had any sense of responsibility, integrity, credibility, or human decency, you wouldn't have reported this in the first place. Garbage like this is why I check this site like once a week now and bitch on my blog, instead of a few times a day - there's less scummy alternatives. Keep at it Jed, I'm sure Polygon will be hiring soon.

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