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Why Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is the perfect game for Social Justice


Often we hear from the Social Justice circle all the problems with video games: they're too hard, they're too complicated, they're too sexist/racist/whatever. There's no games that meet their incredibly specific and/or conflicting desires about what a game should be. But, they're wrong. They've been wrong for 12 years. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, released back in 2003, is THE game for the social justice inclined gamer.

The first reason Big Rigs is ideal for the SJW is it doesn't discriminate. No races, religions, genders, etc are even represented in the game. There are no tokens, there are no poorly written female characters, there is no toxic masculinity present. All that is present is the seemingly sentient 18wheel tucks that have no desires except to race... Kinda, we'll get to that later.

The second reason is the game was made by an oppressed people: the Russians. Sergey Titov, the luminary of our times grew up under the thumb of the soviets, and this writer speculates that he spent his youth rummaging for beets in the streets and  stealing what he could to survive, robbing the bourgeoisie for their Tetris cartridges and batteries which is what inspired him to go in to gaming development. Also, nearly 20% of the staff is female. Admittedly the staff is only 5 people, but there's a woman, so it counts.

Thirdly, is the racing itself. Often SJW like McIntosh and Movie Bob say that winning by defeating your opponent is a product of the patriarchy or capitalism or the Illuminati, what-have-you, but in short "winning" is oppressive. Well, in Big Rigs, you don't have to beat anyone as there is no opponent, the other truck simply sits at the starting line and waits for you to clear the checkpoints, in any order of your choosing, therefor not constraining the player's self expression by forcing them to race conventionally. Hell, in most of the courses, you don't need to do anything, you just win by pressing start! You can't lose! Below you can see the demonstration of Big Rigs from AGDQ 2015, a game speed running event held in January every year.

You're Winner! That's another magnificent, socially conscious thing about Big Riggs, it doesn't allow the white man's grammar to hold it back.

Now, sadly, the Patriarchy eventually always wins, and Big Rigs has since been patched, forcing in conventional shitlord "gamer" features like opponents having AI and having to actually participate in the race to win. But if you want that true, inclusive, unoppresive gaming experience, you can find the launch day version of Big Rigs, unpatched, from all your favorite illegal torrenting sites because, lets face it, you're not going to actually support a gaming developer, you've got twitter posts to be offended at, and that is a full-time job.

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