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Super Mario Galaxy Review


Super Mario Galaxy, about an Italian hero, Mario who embarks on a journey to save princess peach from a ferocious, dinosaur Bowser and his sons who try to stop him, an innocent female princess who should be used to getting kidnapped at this game. His journey takes Mario through several worlds around the cosmos dealing with monstrous creatures, dangerous hazards which needs certain skills and has certain themes along with many different power ups, which turns Mario into a (ghost, bee, fire, ect.) 

Furthermore, along with those great attachments, there are also great battles with bosses of different sizes and species. From what, in my opinion, is a creative and unique foe, and what I call, dark Boulder from the haunted mansion world. The graphics for the game are fantastic, making the game seem more 3D. Also, for another note, the score is great and makes everything in the game seem fun, appropriate for all ages, and entertaining. The story is original and different from you typical storyline, and has a comic type feel to the game also which adds to the interest in it. In my opinion, this time is the best "Mario" game to date, other than, of course, Super Mario 64, which is still a classic video game.  If there is a video games hall of fame, this one should be added to it as soon as possible.

Overall, the storyline is great and original, the score is fun and enlightening and the gameplay is impressive and simple and not that complex like some other games are. This game is worth the money to buy it and deserves to be played by everyone, if you enjoy video games!, even kids can play, only based in their parents discretion. 

My rating: 10/10

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