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Video Game Music Compilation 45


Whoo! VGMC #45 INBOUND! No select game or theme to this one. Just your average collection of awesome VGM from random places that you might just enjoy. I do it for the diversity. I do it for you. <3

Healthy World - Paradis Perdus
Oh man. With the beautiful flute, elegant piano, and enchanting violins how could you not feel like you're within a safe haven of beauty and magic and wonders? The beauty makes everything around you suddenly seem more… pure. It feels like the world you're in has never experienced or witnessed a sin in it's entire existence. The atmosphere of innocence, mystery, and magic that this piece creates is amazing, serving as an excellent trade off for the next piece.

Infected World - Paradis Perdus
While this piece isn't too terribly good on it's own, it's amazing at doing it's job: making the pure and innocent and naturally healthy place feel… corrupted. Almost… infected. Well in the game this song is actually playing at the exact same time as the last one, but depending on some things either this song or that song will be the only one with it's volume on, making the world sound like it's slipping between innocence and corruption. Like I said before: this isn't a particularly good song, but it works wonders at making an atmosphere.

Main Theme - Dizzy: Prince of the YolkFolk

The beginning of this piece starts off rather quaint and dandy, leading up to a cool surprise for when it builds up intensity with some great synth notes. It's primarily led by synth but is excellently supported by a sort of rock band, almost as if the synth was it's guitar. It changes pace a noticeable amount of times before repeating, which reminds me of the title theme for Myth: History in the Making. The beginning gives off the atmosphere of royalty, but it changes into one of journey and adventure, which is great for describing the game if that's what this game is like.

Chanson d'Automne - Risk of Rain

If "Healthy World" felt calm and beautiful in a magical way, then this piece feels calm and magical in a technological way. Using a wide variety of beeps, boops, and other instruments like flutes. Nothing in particular is too memorable, but the piece as a whole is. It's got an atmosphere crafted well by the melodies and notes and effects. The reverb of the electronic notes in particular are rather well done and beautiful. As things go on the piece climbs and falls in intensity over and over. It's quite pleasant to just sit and let every part wash over you, immersing you deeper and deeper the world your brain builds with this piece.

Mr. X Stage Theme - MegaMan VI

In classic MegaMan fashion, this piece is masterfully crafted to the closest point of perfection that the hardware could allow. Amazing, strong, and memorable melodies that will forever be remembered are perfectly intertwined with other melodies of the same level.  The song is almost sad, with a serious tone having a hint of resolution to it. It feels like the music to a final level, and that's because it is. The atmosphere creates such a strong flow of pacing that it's hard not to be swept along into the  piece itself. It just wants to swallow you into the adventure that it represents, which is what every piece of VGM should do, unless going for something radically different.

Well there you have it: five excellent and beautiful pieces of VGM, just for you lovelies. I hope you enjoyed them and I hope you have a great day. <3

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