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Band of Bloggers: Exploring Fantasy


Dang... I missed the last one.


Final Fantasy 6 is somewhat of an open world exploring game that I have been replaying.

Sry this will not be as nearly as cool as Tank Man... but I have plans for Tank Man to Return :)

So I have played Final Fantasy 6 a lot of times. I once emulated it on a Pentium 1, which was struggling to get the intro movie to go faster than 1 FPS. But when faces with epic mech walking I might as well be a Chinese vampire in front of a bag of rice that just got spilled. I watched all 15 minutes of the mechs walking, which I am sure that most of you know the segment only takes 2-3 minutes so my computer had to have been running the game at 1/30 of the normal speed. Less to say I went on and played through Chronotrigger at the same staggering rate however was slightly more playable due to the lack of as many visual effects. Anyway back to FF6.


Not that I have never been accustomed to RPGs. I played though Dragon Warrior I on the NES. Which is about the grindiest game a person could play back in the day. (I know there are worse out there but at least give me some credit) But to me the world of FF6 was truly expansive and it seemed every hour or so the world would expand and expand and expand and expand.

And then when I though they could not give me more, they went ahead and wrote around that to give me more to explore.

Less to say I kept the game on my list of games that I should buy if I ever have the system for. So once I bought a GBA I went to GameStop and bought the GBA version of Final Fantasy 6 I had been looking at for the last year or so. I was a different person then, early on in high school I did not have much of a social life. While everyone else was busy playing social games, I was struggling to understand basic sarcasm and what my friends were talking about when they were swooning over women.

I did not know I was suffering a serious case of sleep apnea and that most of my higher brain functions were not working and that really cut me out of most of the social aspects of high school. I think that kept me out of a lot of unnecessary drama but I was quite oblivious to everything happening and yet constantly cereous about the people around me.

Instead of worrying about life, I played video games when I was free of homework, chores, and marching band.

At night I would pop open my GBA SP and play it till I got tired. Instantly, I returned to the great plains of the fantasy world as the heroes that were going to bring back magic to defeat the evil empire. For a 2D game there was just tons of detail the designer put into the world of this game. I think that is what really impressed me the most about it.

I was more than content to play my older retro video game consoles; this game provided complex puzzles that could only be solved through writing down clues that were hidden across a vast and interesting landscape.

Which, I have to wonder what shock went through the gaming community when they saw Final Fantasy have 3D plane in the over world. The small depth really broke up the characters from the world and vise versa. Really showed off what could be done with 2D sprites in a 3D world, just a shame it took many years after that for devs to pick up on the tricks done in the latter generation.

It really just made traveling the world a lot more fun, especially when you finally got the Air ship and were able to do donuts in the sky. I spent quite amount time doing such.

This month I am playing though it again but with a different perspective than my past self played this game. Beginning to learn RPG maker VX ACE, I wanted to see/learn from the best of the era of 2D RPGs to see what it takes to make a great world to explore. There are so many quick vanilla ports of RPG maker games, and while they are fun they do all look the same and generally feel the same.

So it is the best place to look, as there is just a ton of details in sprites for the towns.

Well that is all I have for now :) I hope you had a great month!!

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