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XCOM 2 - Are XCOM Terrorists?


While I was very excited to hear XCOM was getting a sequel, I was a litte taken back by the video released to promote the sequel.  In thThere was a statue where humas and aliens were together, but that wasn't all the trailer showed. video, the XCOM squad are now terrorists in a world where the aliens and humans live together. 

You can argue that they're freedom fighters or insurgents all you want, but that's just soft language meant to disguise a hard word to swallow. It is what it is, I'm not sure I'm okay with this. I recordeda vido as well, I only wrote stuff here so I wouldn't get comments about how I just posted a video.

Here are a handful of other media where terrorists are freedom fighters, just off the top of my head.

Final Fantasy VII begins with scenes where your heroes are heroicly blowing up a power plant. 

The heroes of Final Fantasy 7 discuss their plan to blow up a power plant.

Star Wars is about a rebellion, including scenes of military personal and most likely civilian contracters being kiled.

Rambo 3 - Rambo pals around with some freedom fighters in Afghanistan. Guess who those freedom fighters turnd out to be?

Tactics Ogre had moral choices where your players could actively commit genocide on innocent people. It was intense 2D genocide, but genocie none the less.

Grand Theft Auto is about criminals doing criminal shit, including acts of mass destruction that some would argue, were terrorism. 

I'm down for Final Fantasy VII to get remade, I'm down for more Star Wars - especially if Luke stays in the black robes and goes full bad guy, I don't love Rambo 3 like I did 2 but I'll watch it, Tactics Ogre is the kind of game like XCOM - the ones that make me like games, and Grand Theft Auto all those acts are depicted in such a cartoon manner, but are still the sort of thing you would't brag about doing. Just the sheer amount of artistic depictions of violence in Grand Theft Auto warrents more discussion.

I will buy and play XCOM2, despite it leaning into xenophobia is a strange way. Those aliens killed a lot of my soldiers, now they want peace? I won't stand for that, the game is set to have a PC only release currently. It will feature a map generator like the original XCOM game, but it will now feature your squad as guerilla fighters and insurgents, you know thre was another word for that, what was that word? 

What do you guys feel? Is this okay, can we play games from the perspective of outright villains? Is this kind of artistic depictio of violence a problem for anybody else?

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