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The Romance of the 3 Kingdoms


 In the beginning....

This is the story about the 3 Kingdoms known as Wu, Shu and Wei - dating back to the earliest days of......okay, I'm just messing with you. If you REALLY want to learn more about those guys, go play the game on the Snes, or just invest in one of the multitudes of Dynasty Warriors games. 




It's Monday, and I've had the creative juices flowing for a little while now. I figured now may be the perfect time to discuss the real 3 Kingdoms in the room - The Front Page, C-Blogs and Forums. *brace yourself* I really enjoy Destructoid and it's community. While I've been in and out, and I'm currently on my 2nd hot spree with the community (I disappeared and reappeared like a 2nd gen legendary dog). I try to do a little bit of everything, because I think that this place has something fun to offer for everyone.


The Front Page is obviously where most people like to discuss and reflect on big news and articles - it's probably the largest and most diverse setting on the website. For all intensive purposes, they are the Wei (making Holmes Cao Cao). There are some unique regulars who frequent the front page, and at the same time there are some really neat individuals who kind of lurk in the shadows there too. Most of the users on the front page have a GREAT sense of humor, and are incredibly fun to interact with. One thing I have noticed however - many users who frequent the FP have this weird, skewed outlook towards the forums - also known as 'the basement'. I've really tried to wrap my brain around this 'image' that has been created by users who warn newcomers of it's edgy and 'vicious' cuture. I find it kind of fascinating really....but more importantly, many of the individuals who I see talk negatively of the forums don't even frequent them - I'd know because I'm pretty active in them. I'm not sure how someone who hasn't TRIED something can pass a well rounded judgement/opinion of it off to someone else...but hey, this is the Wei we're speaking of ;)


Okay okay, so now we have the C-Blogs - where creative individuals go to be their own writers. The C-Blogs are ran as a team, and have some awesome staff  members who organize them and run recaps and regular events through them. For all intensive purposes, the C-Blogs are the Shu (ran by a group of strong leaders). There are some very creative writers in the C-Blogs (Manchild) and then there's the little peons who just like to mess around (like me!). The thing that I like most about the C-Blogs is that you have your own ability to take any concept, any thought or any idea and make it what you want. Sometimes these ideas get 'promoted' or carried over to the front pages (Guan Yu did pay a service to Cao Cao at one point), but in the end the C-Blog community supports itself. Speaking of support, the support system in C-Blogs is great - you guys have been REALLY supportive of me, and I have yet to write anything meaningful (imo). Similar to the front pages however....I've noticed that again, the forums tend to have a 'dark and scary' image by many users. It's a dirty place full of dirty people....and sharp objects. Still, I wish that some of you Blogadiers (#madethatup) would venture down and just check things out sometime - I promise you that if I can make it down there, you can too!


Finally, we have the Forums - my home sweet home. The forums have some unique personalities (hello!), but somehow they just mesh well together and make for a really cool family environment. This automatically makes the forums the Wu clan (family for family by family). That also makes Luna Sy SSX (Sun Shangxiang) - fantastic blogger and recapper, but also a forum runner. The forums ARE opinionated and have some very strong minded individuals. Ideas tend to clash from time to time, and that's when the debates begin. We do have some...interesting individuals (Roberto Plankton, Phil/Mike), but it is THESE individuals that give the forums real color and personality. We have a bit of an 'edgy' sense of humor, but that's because we hardly take each other seriously. Naturally, some of us are bitter towards the front pages because they tend to look down on us without giving us a fair try, and a lot of that falls back on ongoing reputation and a tradition of negativity (politics, yay!). Really and truly, we just want to be loved. LOVE US. (please?)


United we stand

I kind of see myself as a motivation building personality - a mascot if you will. I love traversing all 3 'kingdoms' and being involved in the entire asian continent....er, Destructoid. I love being involved in all of the cool activities and events around here, as it helps to build a more well rounded community and atmosphere. The truth is, nothing is really all that different from the next thing (pretty sure we all wear pants the same way), and while we all function in different ways, we serve the mighty robot overlord whom brings us candy and controversial news articles. I think it would do EVERYONE a little bit of good to drop your guard and just....try something new every once in a while. DO IT. Just...break out of your bubble just a teensie bit and TRY something. That's what we call culture, and diversity. If you are satisfied eating the same candy bar every day.....well that's fine, but you're boring! Live a little. Unite the lands so that we can all live together in peace and prosperity!


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