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Beauty in simplicity

So I appreciate how receptive you guys have been on my 'blogs' so far, I don't really feel like I'm good at this sort of thing, but I do like to critique and offer opinions for people to chew on. It's interesting that I've come across this game at a time where females and gaming have become such a touchy topic, but this game literally takes all complaints by feminist and turns them on their head. It's innocent, fun, simple, and nostalgic all in one package, and that's why I'm such a HUGE fan of it!


This isn't Sonic btw

I'm not a crazy Sonic fan - as a matter of fact, the only Sonic game I've ever played all the way through was Sonic CD, because I loved the art style and the soundtrack. I can appreciate the style of gameplay that Sega and Sonic The Hedgehog used to bring to the table in the gaming industry. While I've not followed Sonic throughout his most recent journeys (likely for the better), I really appreciate Freedom Planet for paying homage to the retro style. The project actually started as a homage fan made Sonic game, but became something much more after a successful kickstarter. Many critics feel that this game implements Rocket Knight and Megaman X as well, and while I haven't played either of the two games my online research has shown me many striking resemblences (plus, Milla has the ability to pick up items akin to Super Mario Bros. 2). This game is a platformer and a beat em up all in one, and the art style and soundtrack are absolutely spectacular. The nod is definitely there for Sonic...but there's so much more to this. 


Story with my sprites?

The story follows 3 girls and their adventure throughout 3 kingdoms to save their planet from an evil space lord. Sounds cliche for sure, but I was actually surprised as to how catchy the story becomes. Lilac, Carol and Milla are a group of likely teenage girls on an adventure to help their alien friend Torque save their planet. All of the characters have surprisingly unique and likeable personalities, and the dialogue is actually done fairly well. I actually felt some surges of emotion as I played through the story and watched it develop, and I've got to say for a sprite based Sonic influenced game, that's really impressive. It may not be The Last of Us, but take your time and soak in the story. The sprites have great animations, and I really feel like the whole package complements the game as a whole. 


Sure, it's a little girly...

But who cares? The general vibe is pretty innocent, and slightly humorous. We've grown so accustomed to games being about going in, beating the bad guy, and rolling the credits. I appreciate the sense of humor and humility that this game brings to the table, as that's not something we are used to seeing in popular games. There's nothing wrong with getting in touch with your 'feminine' side guys, no matter how much your bro tells you otherwise. Culture is an invaluable thing, and it's refreshing to see games like these every so often that mixes things up and puts gaming into a different perspective then the cold fps, rpg genres. 



You too can disco dance!

I'd highly encourage you guys to check it out! I've been on a bit of a hype train, so I'm a little biased atm ^_^ but if you are a fan of sprite based gaming, fun and innocent stories, and solid platforming/beat em up gameplay, then you'd be surprised how fun this game really is. Check it out while it's on sale on Steam, or wait for it to come to Wii U. 

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