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After they got done condemning every game that was showed this year because it was violent and we're appearently still in 1995, the non-consumers of gaming, AKA SJWs, decided to take all the credit for their being female protagonists at this years E3. Now, I'll ignore the details like them taking credit for Dishonored 2 having a female lead that was already a prominent character in the first game, which they'd know if they played it, or Fallout 4 having a female option, which, again, they'd know is a staple since as far back as Fallout 1, if they ever played them, so on and so forth, but I kinda take exception with this "omg we won!" attitude, especially considering I've bought  several games with female leads just this year. So I decided to take stock of what just little ol me has played from January 1, 2015 till today, June 17, 2015 that has a female lead or a female option, or has female characters as major members of your active, playable party. In no particular order;

Bayonetta 1 and 2

Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 2: Sister Generation

Hyperdevotion Noire

Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed

Moero Chronicle

Final Fantasy X/X2 HD: Remaster (Ps4)

Final Fantasy Type-0

Omega Quintet


Criminal Girls

Lord of Manga Maiden Heaven

Operation Abyss: New Tyoko Legacy

The Legend of Korra

 Atellier Shallie

Monster Monpiece

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

Skylanders Trap Team

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth 1 

Final Fantasy 14

The Secret World


Freedom Planet

Dungeon Defenders


Forward to the Sky

Dynasty Warriors 8: XLCE

Whew that was a lot more than I thought when I actually started looking around and checking trophy history... What was that, 27 games in half a year?  And I haven't even finished a not-insignificant chunk of these.


Now I'm cheating a little as there's a couple MMOs in there, but, they offer a female option. Games like Criminal Girls and Moero Chronicle have a male protagonist, but the entirety of your functional party is female and the 'male lead' only exists as a framing device and for the minigames.  And Skylanders is skylanders, the gender of your characters is dependent on who you buy, but, if you WANT (see its about consumer choice) you can play the game with female units only, though you wont be able to 100% the content... teaching us all a valuable lesson about the problems with gender discrimination; Can't #Killallmen and still accomplish everything!


Once again, we see a major issue with most SJW propganda; they're completely ignorant. There's TONS of games with female characters taking the main stage in some form or fashion, but they don't play games! This is why ignorant fuckwits like Jason Schrier shooting his mouth off about how the industry responded to #gamergate is a bunch of female leads. Well, for 1. he's wrong, because there was really only 2 franchises that didn't always have female options to begin with that added one, and 2.  If he could stop drinking the koolaid and pull his head out of his ass, he'd see there's already piles of female headed games out there, he just chooses not to play them. People like to talk about the sexism of gamer culture, yet we ignore the overt sexism of these people blatantly ignoring and not supporting the games that do have women as prominent aspects of them. In my opinion, it doesn't get much more misogynistic than pretending women don't even exist.

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