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E3 and Dtoid


It's been fun!

So here's my general take on things this year regarding E3. First and foremost, it's been really cool to watch it with many of you right here at Dtoid - the chat room was a great idea and it made watching announcements that much more enjoyable. Thanks to all of you who put it together - especially Brightside and Nanashi. I'm just going to leave my little impressions of the "Big 3" for what it's worth ^_^


Microsoft: B

Microsoft has actually been the most impressive display imo this year. Their conference went pretty smoothly, and they had a lot of exclusive content to share. I think that the concept of backwards compatibility is pretty big too, however while it sounds great in theory we'll see just how well they put it all together. Microsoft seems set on trying to establish a PC gaming experience in a console with mod support and windows 10 compatibility, but only time will tell if they can pull it off. I do like the Rare collection coming out, and REALLY wish it were coming to the PS4 (it'll never happen). Not too crazy about Rare' new IP, but pirates will be pirates. As for Halo....well it's Halo.


Sony: B-

Sony didn't really do anything too flashy, but they sure pulled some nostalgia cards out this year. The remake of FF7 will probably throw a lot of people in a tizzy...we'll just see how/when it comes along. I know a lot of people have been super excited for The Last Guardian as well, so there's that. It's a shame that the Vita seems to have truly fallen off of Sony's radar (I actually have one), but I suppose it can still serve as a portable hub for PS4 gaming. I don't care about Destiny in September, so they can just stash that away somewhere. 


Nintendo: C+

Slightly above average....but no serious wow factors. Star Fox looks cool, and I think it's neat that Platinum Games is working behind it. I'm personally looking forward to Hyrule Warriors on the 3DS, especially since I don't have a Wii U anymore :( I'm over it. Amiibo's are becoming more popular all the time, which is fine because personally I think they're cute. It seems like their functionality is expanding as well, so that makes things interesting. They did throw out the NX project briefly, but they are pushing it back to next year. Does this mean that we are seeing the final days of the Wii U and 3DS?


My inner hipster is curious about this EA game, so I'll be keeping an eye on it. With games like Little Big Planet and Yoshi's Wooly World, why not throw another one into the mix? Of course everyone is also excited about Fallout 4, and some about the new Doom project in the works. What was your favorite segment of E3 this year?


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