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What's up with these pre-E3 announcements?


Let’s jump straight to the point: what’s up with the pre-E3 period this year? Why so many announcements just weeks before what is considered gamin’s biggest event of the year? People have been saying this is typical for E3, and I know it’s not something “new”, but surely not on this scale.

What we’re most accustomed to are the leaks (like Street Fighter V’s last year, for example), but those are not intentional and can even hinder – or increase – the hype we go with into the conferences with. By knowing what can possibly be a company’s killer hit falls somewhat flat because we know there’s nothing bigger, nothing else they’re prepared to show.

Some companies choose to announce some “smaller” titles a couple of weeks ahead of E3 so they don’t get lost in the shuffle with all the big announcements that we generally expect, so they can garner interest in those games and then ride that into the event. But what we’ve been getting is not generally considered smaller. Like Bethesda, who announced they would be having a press conference just to announce Fallout 4 less than 2 weeks before; is there something bigger coming? Square Enix is also having a conference and chose to show more Tomb Raider and Deus Ex before. And Assassin’s Creed Syndicate also got a head-start.

Hype-killer or smart move?

If not for my general skepticism I’d be thinking “everyone’ll be killing it at E3!”, but that’s really not the case. The amount and variety of stuff we’ve been getting has crossed that line from “they’re showing this because they’ve got bigger and better things” to “there are not really going to be announcements are there”. Nintendo had a micro-Direct last weekend, and I instead of thinking they’re showing stuff before so they have time for other things at E3, I went immediately to believing it’s going to be Mario Maker all over again – seriously, when’s that thing going to come out so it doesn’t take space from other games?

And we still have Last Guardian rumors, Dark Souls III and the like. Honestly, I’d much rather be completely wrong and they have amazing showings next week. But I’ve grown to become really skeptical because the disappointments I’ve getting from conferences over the last couple of years have been considerable. The last things that got me hyped up beyond belief were Yakuza 5 and Lucas returning for Smash. Yes, these also have a lot to do with my personal interests – like my brother, who always gets lots of hype because of what he’s looking forward – but there are so many Drawn to Deaths, SMT x Fire Emblems and Let It Dies I can take. To be fair, for those last two because my expectations were in another universe and they are simply different from what I conjured up in my mind, and may end up being great. Can’t care for Drawn to Death, though.

I still believe.

But hey, I’ll at least be having fun watching the conferences with my brother and a couple of buddies, so even if they suck we can complain at 4 in the morning like old men (Sony’s conference is at 2 A.M. over here) and hope that next time Last Guardian does get announced/cancelled. Please prove me dead wrong everyone and American History X my skepticism.

Have a [insert time of day you're in when reading this] and enjoy life. Yours, preferably.

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