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I am really hoping Steams new refund policy puts a end to buggy broken games at


So if you bought the game that is a broken buggy mess you can claim a refund. And i really hope that pushes developers to stop releasing games in this state.

I know some developers have expressed concerns with comments such as the game can be completed in two hours. But my argument would be if the game is priced appropriately then people would probably not want to refund that. But if the price is pretty high and you offer no replay value then i cannot blame a consumer for feeling a bit cheated.

I often see on websites and developers the phrase quality over quantity but you can have both. take my fav shooter of the last few years crimzon clover it is a short game (less then a hour to complete) but i have put 9 hours into it as it has unlocks and encourages replay.

But in the end it is better for the consumer and i hope we get better quality games as a result.

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