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There will be dreamers...

In a world where people are expected to work hard and break their backs, there are people out there who dream.

When they dream aloud and share the vision they are said to be crazy or simply lazy. But, perhaps they're not lazy at all. They just want the common to fall, they want to stand tall. They wish to share what they create. There will be hate.

Detractors, backpackers react to the factors by distracting the pursuit of happiness. The realiy is tragedy that bitches perpetuate fallacies and call for the mass to relate. Well, I don't.

I won't fight back, but I will not fall nor succumb to their whims. I do this because I have free will. Not because something created and not because someone stated that I should have such privlidge. I do so because I am livid. Fuck their rules, they piss me off.

Destruction is never the aim. There is nothing to gain by teaing it down. I suppose I'm pushing for change. Perhaps I'm deranged to think that there is a better way. I think they're naive to believe that they've found it. The only constant is inconsistency and the resistance seen to change the course of history is just obscene and frankly a fucking mystery.

Freedom is the only thing that matters in life.
Be happy and fuck the rest.

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