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Witcher Month (June & July 2015)


Across the month(s) of May and June I’ve been playing and writing about videogames in the Final Fantasy series, including new entries such as Final Fantasy Type 0 HD (review coming soon) and also some stuff that’s been sitting in my backlog. Originally I had decided that the following month of July would be my next themed month, but the recent release of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt has gotten me too excited, the anticipation to play this great-looking game is just too high and so I’ve decided to extend this new theme into the month of June. There will obviously be a bit of crossover, as I do intend to finish and review those Final Fantasy games that I’ve already started, but at the same time I’ve already given in to temptation and loaded up The Witcher III: Wild Hunt disc on my PS4; a policy of mine is that really you should always play what you want to play not what you know you should be playing (i.e. guilty games sitting in the backlog). Anyhoo, this post is just to officially announce that as part of my themed gaming months of 2015, across June and July I will be having a Witcher Month, below is a summary of the things I *hope* to cover.

Yesterday I fired up The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and began my first playthrough, so obviously a big part of this month will be some articles about the new game in the series, as well as a full review once I’ve “finished”  it (main story questline– even if I continue playing for hours and hours afterward). I’ve already downloaded some of the free DLC and will try and talk about some of that too, even if it’s largely just cosmetic additions. I’ve been very excited for this game, for a long time, and it’s good to finally have it here in my grubby hands; I’ll be playing through on PS4 despite my previous experience with The Witcher games being on PC.

At the same time as starting the new game, yesterday I also started my read-through of The Witcher Saga books, which I have right up to the current release, although obviously in terms of English translation you can’t yet get hold of the whole saga unfortunately.  I’ve read The Last Wish before when the first game came out, and thought it was a fantastic collection of short-stories, I even started reading Blood of Elves but never finished it. Those were the garish-looking old editions – I’m now armed with the sexy new paperbacks and intend to read them from the start all the way through to Baptism of Fire. Hopefully, I’ll be putting some articles up about the books, as well as perhaps writing some opinion pieces/reviews.

The original The Witcher videogame is one of my favourite RPG stories of all time, and I will be writing some feature articles about this, as well as some general retrospectives regarding previous The Witcher games. Despite my gaming-rig PC dying on me years ago (overheating caused by furious overclocking- still lasted four years before it pooped out) I’ve still kept my The Witcher: Enhanced Edition box with additional soundtracks, guides, maps, etc. In fact, there are still many things I liked about the original game that I wish CD Projekt Red would bring back for future instalments, such as the stance-driven rhythm-based combat system! I’ll enjoy reminiscing and hope that you do too.

Finally, this month’s “Band of Bloggers” topic is regarding open-world games, likely spurred on by the release of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, and many of the articles or features I write will likely be tying in with this theme. There may even be some opportunity for editorial or opinion pieces that I wouldn’t usually write to creep in here; depends on how much time I get whilst also furiously playing videogames! So, there you have it, the Final Fantasy gaming will hopefully also carry on for a few more weeks, but in the meantime there will also be The Witcher stuff appearing on my blog.

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