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9th Anniversary Shoutout!


9 Dtoiders who have made a good/bad impression on me

I figured it might be nice to get 2 birds with one stone - blog and earn my first ever badge in the forums. Since I've recently flocked back to the toid, I noticed that the 9th anniversary theme in the forums was to give a shoutout to 9 Dtoid(ees) who have made an impression/been an influence on you. EASY. Let's get started!


Philkenseben - Mike

Oh Philycheesesteak sammich...how I do adore thee. I remember my intro post, and you were one of the very first individuals to seek me out and harrass me with penis jokes. The thing I love about you most is how laid back you are, and how welcoming you are with everyone at Destructoid. You're a great guy, and you've certainly been a positive influence on me (in sick and meaningful ways). Keep doing what you do!



I'm still sad that I haven't been able to visit with you as much yet since my return, but I feel like you're my forum counterpart in a way. You've always been super cool and friendly with me, and gave me good insight on things/people. Your love for anime is awesome, which is good because I too love anime and have been in a weird rut lately - any advice? BTW, your avatars are always hella cute, even if they are boobalicious. 


Luna Sy

Are you surprised that I picked you out? Luna is one of my fav's because you always have very charming, witty things to say. I think of you as a surrogate mother to the forums (even though I'm pretty sure you're a guy), and I look up to you as a positive role model. I hope you can get out of your writers block and make some really cool things for us to read, because you're just awesome like that. Thanks for being so active around Destructoid, you definitely have made a positive mark on me. 



You too were one of the first ones to greet me when I made my intro post! You're a really cool guy, and you're very intelligent. I've enjoyed having conversations with you on the forums, and just seeing your perspective on various things. Even if you're a mod...you're probably one of the cooler popo I've met around Dtoid. I can proudly assure you that I AM a crazy cat lady, and I'm not ashamed to admit that anymore. 



SIR "Cpatain Angsty of the SS Cuntswabber"...guardian of the forums and of poorly made German lagers. I've had many a laugh reading your posts and being involved with many....interesting, conversations with you. Even though you're still rocking the santa beard in June, I think you're doing a great job of leading the forums. When I move to Germany, I expect you to help walk me through the health care process....because Obamacare is complete dooky. 



*sigh*...okay I'm TRYING to think of something nice to say. Ummmmm......phew.......well......yes. HA, kidding. Lion has always been very friendly with me and through all his goofy rants and tantrums, there lies a bit of wit and cunning in him. He's very similar to the lion from The Wizard of Oz in many ways. Even if I'm tempted to hit you over the head with a big stick, you're still a goofball and I can appreciate that. 


King Zelos

I've yet to run into you since I've returned - ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? Zelos has always been a very cool guy, and fun to shoot the breeze with. We've had some good gaming conversations before as well. You've also talked me through a couple of....rough patches, and I can really appreciate you going out of your way like that. Hopefully you get your butt back down in the forums before too long!



Greetings Panza, welcome to my blog - DRAW YOUR WEAPON! Most of our encounters have felt like a duel to me - mainly because you favor dogs to cats. This, is unacceptable. You realize that the only possible way we can settle this is to draw pistols and have a 10 pace bout - NO CHEATING. You would cheat. You dirty cheater. After I'm done with you, I'm going for your dogs...



Marche is a great forumer, and a very cool person to get to know. I feel like I've connected with you more since I've returned, but it's not because I'm creepily stalking you while you play The Witcher......anyway, you're a very down to earth individual and I like that. You also have the cutest avatars, and I like your taste. Don't be weirded out if I continue to creep on you....as well as watch you in your sleep....

Honorable mentions

ROBERTO-FREAKING-PLANKTON, AboveUp, Red Morgan, EverydayLegend, Nanashi, Brightside, GlowBear, and probably a few others whom I can't think of off the top of my head. Thanks for being awesome guys, U ROK MA SOKZ

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