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Band of Bloggers: May Recap!


Another month has come and gone and with it another Band of Bloggers theme. This month we broke the law and took what didn't belong to us. The lovely people who took part all had something interesting to say about a wide array of games. If you missed any of them then you've come to the right place! Without further ado I present to you the blogs of May's BoB.

Invisible, Inc. by Avtr Spirit

Our first blog was by AvtrSpirit who took the opportunity to tell us about a very interesting looking title that released recently by the name of Invisible, Inc. I'd heard of the game in passing a couple of times in the past but didn't know much about it. The idea of having a heist themed game that puts you ever closer to being caught with each turn is certainly an interesting one! AvtrSpirit definitely has an appreciation for it and hopefully one day I'll get to see firsthand how worthy the game is of it. You can always count on the indie scene to present some fascinating smaller titles.

Have Heart, Will Listen by Wutangclam

Your friendly neighborhood Wutangclam took a unique approach to this month's theme and spent his blog praising a very interesting mechanic of a very interesting game. Many people played and loved Dishonored when it came out but how many really delved into the brilliantly designed world and backstory that you had to go out of your way to fully experience? The focal point of Wutang's blog is the fascinating heart that you acquire that allows you access to the most personal belonging of all: people's inner thoughts. A fascinating piece about a fascinating game.

Sailing Under a Black Flag by El Dango

Our next piece is one of swashbuckling and pilfering from El Dango; which as we all know is Spanish for...uh...The Dango. Of the many theft themed games at his disposal he chose what is probably the best entry of the series and has plenty to say about it! His tale of sailing seas and looting everything in sight is one that I can relate to wholeheartedly as I myself spent a large number of hours in that game, and far more of them were spent pirating then assassinating. Whether you're taking on other ships, assaulting a fortress, or just hunting for hidden treasure, Black Flag has plenty of fun in it, even if AC isn't really your thing.

Grand Theft Auto III Retrospective by Nanashi

Nananananananana Nanashi took this month as an opportunity to write more about a series that he loves: GTA! This entry isn't about the most recent and fabulous entry though, it's a retrospective of GTA III, which it seems has not stood the test of time so well. It's fascinating to read about the older titles of this series in detail because they're not games I really got into growing up. Everyone knows the gist of GTA but the details of individual entries have passed me by. Learn about what this older entry did right and wrong by clicking that there link!

The New Order of Karras by Rudorlf

Rudorlf the red nosed blogger took this month's theme as a chance to write about what he considers one of the finest stealth games ever made! Big praise! I've heard a lot of high praise about the Thief series over the years but never delved into any of the older entries in detail, so Rudorlf's blog on Thief 2 (Burglar Boogaloo) is that much more intersting to read! Just the fact that it's made by Looking Glass Studios should be enough to give people a bit of interest, but if you want details then look no further! I unfortunately have only gotten to play the reboot myself, which I had a hard time getting into for one reason or another. His comment about the beauty of rope arrows did remind me of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic though, which was a pretty interesting older first person game. I'm going off track more by the second. Quick, go read his blog before I get out of hand!

Klepto-game-ia: Memoirs of a Virtual Thief by Fenriff

Some asshole wrote about his virtual kleptomania. Oh woe is him. Read it if you want I guess.


And that, my friends, is another fantastic month of Band of Bloggers! A huge thanks to everyone who participated! You are the people who keep this thing running. I will do my best to have the new theme up by Friday, but have yet to nail one down. I've been considering an open-world type of theme what with Witcher 3 on everyone's minds, and I know we'd see some fascinating different worlds. Not sure though, so if you have any suggestions be sure to leave them below. Thanks for reading!

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