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Fanart: Plastic Fantastic


I'm quite ill. I had something lined up for today, but I'm in a state, my head is full of nasty goo and just isn't functioning.
Seriously, my bedroom looks like Splatoon.

Instead, I thought I'd share with you all some of my pixelbead art. These designs are made from "Perler" beads. You can use them to create 1:1 replicas of videogame sprites. You may have seen them around the Information Superhighway. Each bead is 5mm, so as you can imagine, pieces tend to scale up in size pretty rapidly. The large character portraits below are about 13' x13' for example, even though they're based on GBA sprites.
It's a painstaking process to find the correct colour palette, then construct it, bead by bead, before finally fusing it together under an iron, whilst keeping the whole thing from falling apart, that last part is a nightmare.

Anyway, I have been doing this for several years now, though things have slowed down as of late. Hope you see someone you like. These are either representation of original sprites or of others' custom sprites:

I have an abundance of others, which I can post some other time. But hope you enjoyed this technicolour trip.
Now, I must return to my germ-ridden realm of bad medicine and steam baths. Adios.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to check out my humble tributes to these great games and characters Are you a fan of pixel art, or maybe a pixel artist yourself? Do you have a favourite set of classic sprites? Visuals that perhaps instantly teleport you back to your childhood. There are many indie-games that utilise classic pixel art, which are your faves? The floor is open, so grab the mic, friends..

(^ This Boo's for Dreamweaver, In honour of his nefarious nocturnal activities)

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