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[Video] Game Pondering: Is It Okay To Dislike The Witcher?


I have always believed that there is no such a things as a perfect game. Most games have both strenghts and flaws and your enjoyment depends purely on how much you personally can appreciate those strenghts and how easy it is for you to ignore those particular flaws.

Which brings me back to The Witcher. The launch of the third game, The Wild Hunt, has left me feeling bitter about the fact that I just can't enjoy the series, no matter how hard I try. It's no doubt a strong, capable series, but the things it does well don't really appeal to me and the things it does poorly are the kind that bother me the most. It's sad, because people really seem to be having a great time with The Wild Hunt.

What about you? Do you have any games that you wish you'd be able to like, or are there any games which you love that most people seem to hate?

Well, anyways, enjoy the video and just remember, I'm here to create discussion, not to preach solutions.

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