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E3 2015: My Top Anticipated Games


In a previous blog post, at the very start of 2015, I made a list of my most anticipated games for the year. Well, some have already been released and were *incredible* (the sublime Majora’s Mask 3D and mighty Bloodborne), while others – in a brutal kick to the balls – have either been moved to 2016 (Legend of Zelda WiiU) or outright cancelled (Silent Hills nooo *cries* and Deep Down). Since E3 is looming upon us with the promise of news and previews for upcoming games, I thought I would re-evaluate what I’m most looking forward to for the rest of this year, as well as throw in a couple of wishes into the mix; just in case the goddesses of videogames are listening.


As far as I can tell, Persona 5 is still coming out in 2015, although nobody seems to know precisely when (especially in Europe – “the land that Atlus forgot”). The most recent trailer looks *OMFG-Amazeballs* and this is still my number one most anticipated game for the remainder of the year.



Persona 4 Dancing All Night is also still looking *awesome* and I’ve been enjoying rhythm games recently on my 3DS, so another for my Vita/PSTV would be great, especially one based on one of my favourite JRPGs in recent years. Yukiko for best dancing waifu!! (Don’t listen to Gaj!)



Despite the best efforts of Konami to kill his good name, for me Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be the swansong of Hideo Kojima. The final chapter of this saga from Kojima Productions (f**k you Konami!) has looked great for ages. I loved Ground Zeroes, and can’t wait for this!


It’s out in Japan already and I’m patiently waiting for it to come out over here, Bravely Second (it’ll probably ditch the subtitle) is the sequel to Bravely Default, the best “Final Fantasy” game in recent years despite the dodgy second half. If it avoids a repetitious endgame, this should be awesome.


*Extremely* unlikely for 2015, nevertheless I’m excited to see more footage and areas of Final Fantasy XV. I’ve got the ‘Episode Duscae’ demo lined up for this month’s themed gaming, not played it yet, but regardless the game looks like a solid entry in this long-running and respected series.


The thing I want to see most regarding No Man’s Sky is the announcement of a full physical release (with extras) for the game, especially since Sony is apparently treating it like a first-party production. If Infamous: First Light can get printed to disc, I’m sure this amazing-looking videogame can!!



Considering that Capcom seems to have ditched production of Deep Down to concentrate on Dragon’s Dogma Online  they should really stop being a**holes and release this in the west goddammit!! I *loved* Dragon’s Dogma and am desperate for more. A sequel perhaps?


I’ve still got to play the original game on my New 3DS, but the trailers of Xenoblade Chronicles X (we seem to have 100% more ‘Chronicles’ in our title) have gotten me *very* excited; most notably the scope and soundtrack of the game. I find it doubtful it will emerge in 2015 but supposedly it will.



As a *huge* fan of Awakening (if was one of my games of the year upon release) I’m very much looking forward to Fire Emblem If. What I’d like to see at E3 is clarification about how it will be sold in Europe; whether we get the Pokémon-style dual cartridge release or a combined package.


Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem looks *amazeballs*!! The trailer was just so surprising and nothing like I imagined it to look, I was just completely blown away. While Fire Emblem If has a very slim change of a 2015 release, I don’t think we’ll see this one until 2016 for sure.


I know, I know, it’s most likely just vapourware. But I still live in hope for The Last Guardian each and every year. My most favourite game of all time is still Shadow of the Colossus and I originally purchased by PS3 just to play this follow-up game. Alas, all these years later I’m still waiting, perhaps the unsubstantiated rumours will come true and it’ll get a PS4 release soon; at this point I’ll take almost anything though, even the old PS3 design, for better or worse I just want to see what Fumito Ueda cooked up those many moons ago.


Yeah sorry, I’ve completely fabricated this one. I’m currently enjoying playing Theatrhythm Final Fantasy so damn much, and was blown away by the live Symphony of the Goddesses concert recently, that I would *love* to play a Theatrhythm: Legend of Zelda. With Nintendo recently working with other companies and letting their key franchises experiment a bit (I’m thinking specifically of Hyrule Warriors here), this actually could happen. Maybe. Please!!


EDIT: Lord Spencer has pointed out some careless omissions to this list. I’ve now added them in and punished myself accordingly. I’ve also played about with the formatting of the page a bit, as Dreamweaver pointed out, some elements were a little too cramped.

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