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A little bit late introductory blog (+ AMA I guess)


Hola D-toiders~!

It might be a little late, but I felt that I might have to do it eventually. I probably should've started my life here in the Destructoid community with this introductory post, but I was too eager to see how my stuff would fare here that I decided to post two batches of it before I even introduced myself!

Well, here are some basics about me.

I've only been here for maybe a month, give or take due to my horrific sense of time. Since my time on here I've written as much as I could muster through the grueling hike that is school, and have managed to get out one misc. post (not including this one), nine game reviews, and two of my prized series, the VGMCs. I actually just got out of school (for the summer), and am ready to get back into writing!

What do I write you ask? Well shut up and let me tell you! I am a complete cheapskate who loves to write game reviews. This leads me to write game reviews for none other than flash games, and more recently so mobile games. Both flash games and mobile games have their fair share of filth, but by God do they have their gems. I take a bit of pride in showcasing the gems in both libraries, but flash games is where I started and hopefully it's where most of my game reviews spawn from.

The VGMCs are my prized series. VGMC stands for Video Game Music Compilation and is where I do a sort of mini-review of at least five pieces of music from games. I don't even remember why I love these so much, but I do damnit. I already have two of those posted on here (starting with 39 and 40), and VGMCs 43 through 65 planned out. If you guys and gals enjoy them and would like to see more, I think I have enough content for a whole batch of nothing but VGMCs.

But that the hell is a batch? Well one batch of content for me is five reviews or misc. posts for every two VGMCs. It's kinda a 5:2 ratio. I try to keep game reviews being my main thing, with the VGMCs begin a consistent series.

I would write about stuff like my background history in writing, but that'd be a long post in of itself, so if you want that just look at the basic summary in my blog description and tell me if you want more details.

Now for other things not related to my plans here or my writing. I like games. Duh. My favorite genres: platformers (mostly skill-based ones), and right below those, RPGs. I really love flash games. Series like Fancy Pants and Castaway have truly shown me just what the side of gaming can possess. Mobile games are like the new cousin to flash games, which is probably why they've grown on me.

I also play games that aren't free, with series like Gears of War, Halo, and Fallout  being some noticeable ones.

Games I'm currently trying to beat (and will most likely review once I'm finished with):

-Fallout 2
-Mother 2 (aka Earthbound)

Also I like to draw fan-art!

And not to mantion original stuff! (although this is all my original work, including my icon and VGMC cover).

Well thats all the stuff about me short of the stuff about my hobbies and what not. If you want to know more about all of that you can just ask me about them, because this is also an AMA! Have at me!

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About Seeeeeethone of us since 5:37 PM on 11.29.2014

Yo! People here know me in the blogs as "that flash games guy" and in the q-posts as the guy always going on about his (beloved) snowcone job. Life is rough, but sandpaper a bit rougher, so while I sometimes struggle to find time and energy to whip up a blog I try my best!

I do my best to add to the community, but life is also large, so I struggle to correlate with anything anyone says around here. And I kinda like that. It's a funny dynamic.

One thing you'll notice about my VGMC (Video Game Music Compilation) series is that most of it is not on my little blog here on the good ol' D-toid. VGMCs 1 - 38 are on my own website so if you want to see those (which have lots of amazing VGM) you'll have to go there.

Random Favorite Games (not including flash games):
-Treasure Adventure Game
-Fallout 2
-Cave Story

Random Favorite Flash Games:
-Pause Ahead
-Castaway II: Isle of the Titans
-The Power
-Elephant Quest
-The Last Stand: Union City

Current Favorite Game OSTs:
-Treasure Adventure Game
-Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game
-Super Stickman Golf 2
-Cave Story

Games I'm Hyped For:
-Treasure Adventure World !!!
-Fancy Pants World 4