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Ratchet & Clank, Heroes for Our Time


So, Ratchet & Clank is not only coming to a theater near you, it is getting a rebootish treatment for the first game in the series.  Not only does this fill me with joy, it makes me wonder if there is a slight possibility that this could be a spark that ignites a resurgence of non-gritty games appealing to the masses.

Take a second to look at that teaser photo.  I can see more color, facial expression and characterization than over half of what gets pumped out by AAA publishers in the hopes that they will sell Call of Duty amounts of copies.  How did we reach that point, I wonder?  I seem to remember Modern Warfare being the one to really blow critics and consumers away, forcing Activision to turn it into an annual ritual with accompanying blood sacrifices of interns and QA testers.

Why don't we change that a bit?  And perhaps we already are, if Yooka-Laylee and Bloodstained are any indication.  Combined, the games have raised about $4.5 million without much more than teaser concept art.  Both Iga and Playtonic have talked about shopping their ideas to publishers who never bit.  If these two projects are any indication, perhaps Activision, EA and others should rethink what their definition of "marketable" really is.

Look, I'm not bashing military shooters in general.  They are money printers for the big companies, but does every single venture have to be a billion-dollar affair?  If Sony is willing to bring Ratchet & Clank on board the PlayStation Hype Train, and the game ends up selling several million copies, does that not prove that there is space for both guaranteed "mature" (that's a loose term, clearly) content and other games that are, if not specifically marketed towards a younger audience, at least an acceptable entry point for them?

Naughty Dog has more or less written off a potential Jak and Daxter 4, effectively stating that their stories are now more "grown up," a fucking laughable comment when taking Jak II and its forced "darkness" into account.  This is a big mistake, and while I loved The Last of Us, I have grown indifferent toward Uncharted as a whole after finally finishing the third game and enduring that ridiculous ending sequence where Nathan Drake had his drink roofied.

Naughty Dog wouldn't even have to make a sequel; I would be perfectly happy if they revisited their Jak and Daxter reboot idea and went from there.  Hell, if Sony allowed it, what level of awesomeness could be reached if Ratchet & Clank crossed over with Jak and Daxter, possibly even crossing paths with Sly Cooper?  

...yeah, okay, I'm just wishing upon Galaxy Stars by now.  

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