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Metal Gear Solid V - Press Event 5/12/15


For those unaware, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is currently being playtested at a press event.

Here's some notable info I've gathered around the web, in one place for your sweet, reading convenience.

Story-Related Info

  • The soldiers you saw in the old E3 trailer- running at the camera with Skullface- are cyborgs of some kind, likely being controlled by Skullface himself. These are very difficult enemies to fight- like FROGs from MGS4, perhaps?
  • May possess cyborg ninja-tier super-strength and agility.

The cyborgs(?).

  • Big Boss drops a reference to Gray Fox- perhaps related to the modified soldiers?
  • Quiet is apparently absurdly skilled- moreso than Sniper Wolf, according to a few playtesters.
  • Violence has not been toned down in any manner (though this is hardly a surprise, trailers considered).
  • The song "Kids in America" is heard on a cassette tape.

Gameplay-Related Info

Tester playing MGSV.

Might need to shower this off.

Shower may be for the more practical purpose of getting all this blood off him.

  • Beginning to seem like just about everything can be fultoned- even bears. You heard it here first(?) folks, you can fight and fulton bears in Metal Gear now.
  • Story ops and side ops can be started on the field without needing to return to Base. Base Management may still be necessary, however.
  • Helicopter main menu returns- possibly for continuing missions? Who knows at this point.

Helicopter main menu.

  • Mission lengths vary- some take fifteen to twenty minutes, other can last up to six hours by themselves.
  • Main game is supposed to take 150+ hours to complete- without collectables and side missions.
  • Supply drops are still around- and, like in Peace Walker, you can aim them to drop on yourself for added humor.


And that's all I can find for now. If I find anything else, I'll be sure to add it. I'm mostly browsing /v/ for this information- most of it sounds believable, but I've left out some things that were probably just 4channers shitposting per usual.

Chances are not much more will come up until the embargo on the game lifts next month- but a man can dream, right?

- No more shame, no more fear, no more dread.

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