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Game Pondering: Artsy Games Are Destroying Gaming?



I'm not exactly a newcomer when it comes to talking about gaming in front of a camera. I've run the only in depth, critical gaming Youtube show in Finland for over a year now, with some moderate success. Recently though I came to the conclusion that the Finnish Youtube audience is simply not the right demographic for my content, so I decided to change my channel to produce English spoken content instead. I hope the Destructoid community finds some enjoyment from my videos and can help me grow even further as a writer and an entertainer.

The first English spoken video I've made is about the so called "artsy games". What is it about them that makes people so angry? Is that anger justified? What is the role of these games in the game industry and do they deserve the critical praise they've received?

Some of you might find my content familiar thanks to Jim Sterling's Jimquisition. I don't deny his influence, but I do feel that there is a distinct difference between what the two of us do. Jim has a very distinct character he does, and uses his experience and professional status to deliver strong, uncensored, firm opinions and solutions. I, on the other hand, fully acknowledge my own fallibility and try to create discussion instead of offering solutions.

Thank you for getting this far and please enjoy the video.

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