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Goodbye C-Blogs, goodbye FP - it was a fun ride


This shit? This shit right here? It's the final straw that broke the camels back. I've been around here for now about two years, I think. I had lots of fun times here. I started a regular blog series here and I'm surprised I could keep it up for so long. I found a very cool community with lots of cool people in it. And whenever people complained about how Dtoid changed I tried to see the positive aspects, see the good things. But right now I can't help but being fucking pissed off... by something that doesn't even affect me directly, no less.

See, what I linked above is probably one of the most backstabbing, shitty things one can do. I don't like this kind of stuff. I'm a very open guy, very outgoing with my opinions and point of views (because I'm very confident in them most of the time). So you know what? I'm done with the FP at this point. And with the C-Blogs for that matter too. It's just the final straw that broke the camel's back to me and I voiced concerns and disagreements I had multiple times. Sometimes calm, sometimes very frank and with enough cursewords for people to go "U mad?". But  at this point the FP just isn't fun anymore for me and being consequent with this I also don't want create any more traffic. It's a pity because there are still faces here I like, but at this point the dislikes just outweigh them. Some of the newer new hires were already bad, but the way two good people writers got treated now is just fucking bullshit.

Calling them out on quality, if that is the only accusation, is just ridicoulus. But man, thank god we have some REAL quality here. Or here. Or even here! Man, such a high standard, how can anyone even ever compare?! Oh lawd, better go study and bring in years of real life experience for an international newspaper to live up to that or you might never be this good. No, seriously. But hey, guys, when you're already cleaning out the closet, maybe throw out whoever that backstabbing snitch was that complained behind someone's back. I would also suggest the same for the person who demoted them without telling them anything (wonder who that was). Because in my experience those people are fucking poison to any decent team. Just saying.

I'll stick with the forums exclusively from now (here is some confetti for those happy about it, print it out and throw it around) and if I have stuff to say about videogames, I'll simply publish it elsewhere. I never wrote for some internet fame, I wrote because the writing is fun and I can have that fun everywhere else. I also can get my news from any other gaming site. I'm not dependent on the Dtoid frontpage and given that it feels like it becomes an agenda driven engine more and more that makes me really happy about that. I just really don't feel like giving a site the time and clicks that decides sawing someone off like the most insidious cunt is the way to go and endorses that (in the forums at least the people are honest enough to stab you from the front). So just to make this clear, I pondered this decision for quite some time now. Seeing some of the stuff that gets fronted nowadays puzzled me, to say the least, so did some of the decisions made. Of course this blog won't change this. People tried to go this path for years now and there is a reason they're gone. Shit won't change unless you try to make it better yourself, so I'll do exactly that.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't supposed to be a call to arms. I don't expect ANYONE to follow me or start a revolution or some stupid shit like this. I don't expect reactions from the staff either (although when you rattle on the cage loud enough usually someone stops by to take a look). I write this for the cool folk of the blogs who might wonder when the next piece of mine will go up (sorry that I won't resolve all of the 2015 predictions guys) and because, once more, I feel that voicing stuff like this and bringing attention to it is important. Even if it won't have any result. This is also why I kept it civil for the most part, albeit I admit this time it's a bit hard. The way it was done riles me far more up than it maybe should, and also more than the way it was done. Maybe it riles me far more up than it has any right to, but given all the other stuff, it simply does. I took some time away from the computer after the news broke, because I wanted to cool off a bit. But it didn't really help either. Maybe it's all just ooone biiiig misunderstanding and everybody will be jolly and happy again tomorrow, but that shit like this could go down in the first place can't be undone. And given the commenst that popup under Glowbear's blog right now, I don't think it will be undone. Let's say the official statements made so far leave me... unimpressed. To put it as friendly as possible.

I'll use that additional free time to write more and to take better care of the forums, maybe finally being able to check for all the requested features and stuff like that. Be the change you want to see and all that shit.
(or who knows... maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and find my admin access revoked too *huehuehue*)

Goodbye Frontpage, we had some fun, but you turned shittier by the month over the past few months and I just really don't enjoy you anymore as it is now. No hard feelings.
Goodbye C-Blogs, you are an incredible part of a community and do fantastic work and every website would (or should) be proud of you.
And a big, glowing, smelly middlefinger to everyone that deserved, as few as you are.


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