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Community Blogs Update: Redesign in progress


As you can see, we're doing quite a bit of work to our community blogs. We didn't plan to break the blogs but our new home page software just kind of ate everything in its path, so now we're going to make the whole site *and I mean every single feature and page* available on all of your devices, instead of trying to support the 3 old gimpy but sturdy versions we had before. 

I'm terribly sorry it's taken more than a week to get this all bug-free, but we're working daily to get there.

Some long-requested features like full-page animated magazine layouts and cloning the body of Andy Dixon are all well underway but before all that we're trying to get the basics right:

Known bugs we're working on right now:

Fapping currently only works at the bottom of the actual article

Cblog Manage all post screen is missing CSS

User header photos and backgrounds are not embedding (they'll be back)

Downvoting doesn't work. Downvoting?

The tagging cblogs (podcasts etc) isn't available (it will be back in a more open-ended way)

No way to sort cblogs right now or view them by tag

RSS Feeds are down


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I live in Japan sometimes.

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