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Just the Tips: Killing Floor 2 Early Access


First off, I am amazed that ‘Just the Tip” or “Just the Tips” isn’t what the ‘series’ is called on the front page.  It was a huge missed opportunity for a great dick joke.  Alas.  So I never played the original Killing Floor, but it looked like a blast.  When KF2 went for sale I got it day one and there is a lot to pick up on.  First of all, using Left for Dead names?  Not always appropriate.  Second? Calling the big zombie “Bitch tit Bob”?  Pretty universal.

So far, I have put in 9 hours into the game, only playing as the commando class, and there are a few things I have learned:

  • What works?  Team work.  The game is designed to get you to work as a team, yet half  the time, your teammates will wander off as lone wolves to get that precious dosh.  After each round, it directs you to a store, and in doing so gets EVERY SINGLE PLAYER IN THE SAME SPOT.  If you want to, hole out on that spot.  Otherwise…
  • Call out a meeting place on each map.  The maps are basically well designed PvP maps - large, many paths, and every single corner of the map has at least 2 entrances.  If you get used to a section of the map, things get so much smoother.  On the Paris level, there is a section surrounded by cars, with a tunnel leading to the subway that is hands down my favorite position to ‘fortify’.  You get 2 people watching tunnel/stairs, two people watching the right, and 1 person sniping zombies in their spawns, and it becomes manageable.  More so if you….
  • Call out Scrakes and Fleshpounds.  These are the KF2 equivalent of L4D tanks.  With 6 people, you need everyone focusing these things down, or people will die.  The other special infected don’t really merit a callout, but these two need focus fire.
  • If you ever die, alone, surrounded by zombies, ask yourself...why was I alone, and surrounded by zombies?
  • When a teammate dies, their weapon drops.  If you have the carrying capacity, pick this up and give it back to them next round (default drop key is backspace).
  • If you have your final weapons (I used the Scar and medic assault rifle), give dosh to people who died, or to people who joined mid game.  This is a team game afterall!
  • Fleshpounds turn red when they have aggro, and focus on one player.  Use this time to either heal that player, or focus on the fleshpound.  The Scrake often will call out a player by pointing its finger at them.  If this player is you, run in an easy pattern.  Do not reload or perform any other action except for healing, and only if necessary, as they slow down your movement.
  • Any class can buy healing weapons!  The alt fire on all medic weapons heal your teammates by shooting them.  The healing hitboxes are pretty forgiving, but it helps if your teammates use a predictable path.  If your team doesn’t have someone who is playing doctor, step up.  You will not make it past later waves without one, and will stand no chance against the boss.  
  • Healing from a medic gun is always faster than by yourself.  Have a healing circle jerk as opposed to shooting up in the battlefield.
  • The ‘witch’ screaming zombie cancels out grenades.  Don’t throw them at her, or at other zeds until you have killed her first (if possible).
  • The medic grenade heals.  I have seen so much blue mist in the middle of zombies, doing absolutely nothing.
  • Firing in single shot is almost always better than full auto against all zeds except fleshpounds, scrakes, and the wave boss.  1 headshot usually kills most normal zombies, and it only takes a few with high tier weapons to decapitate larger zeds.
  • When a zombie is decapitated, you don’t have to keep shooting it.  It will die on its own later (and if someone kill steals it, you still get the majority of dosh and exp)
  • Armor is a rare drop on the field, but it is still a drop.  In early rounds, not buying armor and instead focusing on weapons can occasionally save you 300 dosh when a wild kevlar appears.


Fighting the wave boss:  

  • His poison grenades are no joke.  He yells something about gas, and you usually yell something about grenades.  Run.  Take corners.  Get away from the gas.  Then resume shooting at him.
  • He aggros whoever is dealing the most damage to him.  If you need to heal, or are the medic, don’t focus him.
  • If he is focusing someone, for the love of god, heal them.  When he is shooting bullets or grenades, get in the DPS, otherwise, it is always more important to keep your team up.
  • Don’t worry about damaging him when he grabs a teammate in white smoke.  He gets a full heal no matter what.  Once he grabs someone, heal them, and maybe chuck a grenade in hopes of catching him once he steps away.
  • He has multiple forms.  After he heals up, zombies spawn.  Have someone (1 or 2 people) dedicated to clearing out the zombies while other teammates focus on the boss
  • It may be possible to parry (alt fire on a melee weapon) his melee attacks.  It may also just make them do less damage, but either way, huge win.

That’s all that came off the top of my head.  Feel free to leave any questions, or any additional tips I may have missed.

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