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PhotoAlbum [1] = The Consequence


Hey Ya'll!

This is the first in a new blog series called PHOTO ALBUM. Each post will feature images documenting a playthrough of a game I find visually interesting. These may vary from old school pixels to hot and in the spot particle effects. I'll give away some thoughts on the game in addition to the pictures and hopefully everyone will cry tears of joy. 

Up first is the recently released expansion for The Evil Within, The Consequence. The majority of the pictures in this blog were taken using the in-engine debug camera, and a few I clipped from cutscenes and gameplay. There's a couple cropped photos littered about, but for the most part they're 1920x1080, retained with the 2:35:1 black bars the game has become infamous for.

This is a spoiler article, so be warned! Also, the pictures are in chronological order!

 Long, Kubirckian hallways are really prevelant throughout both The Evil Within, and its DLC. This one's in the bowels of Juli Kidman's work, Mobius.

 Here's that area, but far zoomed out to encompass the entirety of the level. I really like looking at finished games as the designer would. It allows many of the magic tricks a game employs to become visible.

 A high view of Mobius' STEM machine. It's far more run down than the one at Beacon. Mobius as a whole seems to be decaying without care, a bizarre choice for an Illuminati style organization.

 Juli in the dark. When I got her idle animation to line up the right way, I snapped a couple pictures. This one came out best.

 The Keeper's safe head is a recurring motif. This one's a puzzle that requires you to line up the bloodsplatters using the knobs.

 I actually didn't get killed by The Shade in the first DLC, but did this time around. It's a very sexual creature, opening a teethed vagina to consume you as a death animation. It's also got bloody fishnets, and one eerie ass strutter. She also eats other enemies and screeches out "Your body!"

 Here's a flesh wall you have to blast through using light. It's barely present, but it made a real impression on me.

 Here's the G-man... I... I mean. I don't actually think this guy is ever addressed. He's Juli's boss, the head of Mobius. He's also the tallest 'human' character in the game.

 This was a really cool sequence. You start to head down a ladder, but it doesn't end for a while. Sometimes you're in constant darkness, and other times characters are swirling around you while talking. The same technique is later reused but with an elevator.

Krimson City in this game. Man, it looks cool. I love the way buildings twist around, looking just off enough to not be plausible in reality.

 Juli stumbling across a building as it collapses. That happens a few times in this DLC. It's for show, but it's neat.

 Walking along a motel sign. Another neat example of the weird slants buildings are at in Krimson City.

 Just talking with my boss. This time he's 2D, appearing quite literally as a shadow.

 Static is used throughout the DLC as both a source of mental pain for Juli, and when clearing through areas using light powers. Juli's boss frequently messes with the static of televisions as well.

 A flesh hall. Intestines get blended together with cords a lot. In the first DLC there's a server room made from high tech materials, while in The Consequence a similar room has servers covered in flesh, and cords changed to intestines. The descent.

 My boss is chasing me!

 My boss got me!

 Well, shit. Now I'm branded like a cow. With the Mobius symbol no less.

 This is a neat area. I like the blend of rain and fire.

 Leslie getting possessed. It's hard to do the blood effect justice. It just looks so good in game, constantly swirling and swerving throughout the whole room, converging at Leslie.

 Here's a top view, with Shining-esque carpets.

 Meat rooms. Meat rooms are freaky and we all know it. This one's pretty brief, but made eerie by the creature chewing on a corpse in the corner [not pictured since I blew him up].

 The meat room-freezer is part of this kitchen, with various things cooking in a seemingly infinite flux.

 Get nailed.

This one turned out nice. It looks all pretty, and the lighting looks like it's coming solely from the fire.

 Leslie's got a little Ruvik in him.

This control panel shows up in the main game too, but now it's under the control of Juli's boss.

Well, he had a head. This is the first victim of the new, powerful shotgun Juli obtains late game. The blood spatters and gore look great. They go everywhere.

This one's neat. It's difficult to tell what's what considering this game takes place in the mind, but this marks the distinct change from Juli's part of the brain to center connecting everyone. The STEM.

Trying to figure out which place is part of which person's mind is pretty fun. The rural villages and Mobius offices belong to Juli. That's for sure. Mayhaps Ruvik has the mansion and cliffsides. 

The locales that meet in the middle for everyone seem to be Krimson City and Beacon/The STEM.

Kubrick hall. The super-depth is less my picture taking skills and more the design of the hall. The pillars and foor act to funnel your vision. In addition, the second hall is thinner, allowing you to see all of it through the hallway. 

 The end of the above hall. I really dig the contrast of the white and brown bricks.

 Here's the top of Beacon's STEM. While the machine is fucked up as all get up, it's a beautiful design.

Sebastion in a coma, with Ruvik's brain hanging in the background. Again, the merge of machine and flesh.

This was taken in a cutscene. I was pleasently surprised to see that things would still play out even though the camera wasn't where it was suppose to be. 

This is straight from a cutscene (one that's also in the main game as well), but I liked it too much not to put it here. This is where Leslie merges with Ruvik. I find it bizzarely calm. They both are so accepting of what happens. Post playing the DLC, It's sort of weird to think that they merged in reality as well, and that Ruvik essentially won. I feel a sequel could work off the end considering both Sebastian and Juli are still alive, though not under the best circumstances.

 The beginning of the final boss of the DLC. This really highlights the light vs. dark concept.

 Here's the outside of that box. Neat!

 Another cutscene. The wiki says that characters eye's change color depending on if they're in reality or not. With Juli having violet eyes in the STEM and brown in reality. Neat.

 The offices of Mobius come to life, forming some sort of abstract battlefield. Juli's in the center.

 Here's a view of the field and skybox. Most of the boxes are particle effects. 

 The big bad. He clones himself for the fight.

 When you shine your flashlight on him it reveals the horrors beneath the shadows.


 The world assembling. It's almost tetris like in the way it comes together. 

The Mobius symbol, the ridgid forms of this area make it easy to take good pictures. 

 Dat booty. Seriously. Juli has a nice butt. I haven't talked about her at all! I'm glad they added so much to her in the DLC. While she comes off as pretentious and untrustworthy in the main game, it's nice to see she was merely acting that way. She's the most fierce, morally bound member of the cast.

 Juli clones. An illustration of Mobius' hooks in her life. In the end Juli can never be free, based on the end it seems like no one is wholly free with Ruvik running amok and Mobius in control of STEM.

 The blocks form blood red static-y images that follow Juli as she fights off the clones.

 This is fucking awesome.

 Tetris blocks falling from the sky.

 An example of symmetry and depth not in a hall. 

 He's got his paws on you.

I guess this is happening.

 Juli's cat serves as a save spot, but he's skulking around in other places too. He was hanging out behind the couch during a cutscene. You can see the next image underneath the couch.

 Despair, Defeat, and Dick sucking.

 A light in the dark.

 There are a lot of missing person pictures for this lady in the main game. Turns out she went to work for Mobius.

 Leslie/Ruvik coming out into reality. We're fucked.

 The next couple are from earlier in the DLC, but I put them here. I really dig the juxtaposition of the high style paintings and furniture in the context of a destroyed building. It helps that the paintings are as surreal as the surroundings.

 This one shows up a lot. Very Dali.  Mikami loves his freaky, veined eyeballs. They're all throughout his work.

 I found this model of Sebastian hanging out below the area. I love his face.


Also, not a photo, but here's an easter egg that's really great: 


 So, how was it? Do you want to see more of PHOTO ALBUM? If so, what could be better? 

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