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Why I ♥ Destructoid


Like most of you here, I'm pretty obessed with gaming. It's something that I think a lot about. I do reviews, I think about what companies could do to fix their woes, listen to podcasts about gaming, and among my friends I am basically the walking encyclopedia of the medium. I'm not bragging, it's just that obession runs in my family, and my obession is gaming. In fact, there's not many people in real life that I consider a gamer the way I am. 

But I'm a bit of a loner. I don't have a whole lot of friends. Most nights I spend by myself, and frankly I don't mind. Don't get me wrong, I have friends, but most people in my life are acquaintences, co-workers, and family. I prefer to have a small select group of people to let in, that I legitimately know and trust because I've been burned before, you learn who your real friends are when you go though a tough time, or have to make some major changes in your life. And above all else, I value my alone time.

But Dtoid has become a very special place to me for a number of reasons. First is, I feel like I actually fit in. I have my own way of thinking, there's not many people I can really build a rapport with, not many places where I feel like I belong, but here I feel as natural as can be. Here, I can joke around and be myself, and the you guys here "get" my humor because it's pretty similar. Out in the real world interaction is hard, social anxiety is a real issue, especially for someone who works with the public.

I found Dtoid a few years back when the show was being produced. Xbox live had a Dailymotion app and I was checking out the gaming section and found the show. The hosts at the time were Tara Long and Max Scoville. Something about how raw and honest it was appealed to me. IGN at the time was my main source of news though, so even though I watched the show, I really wasn't fully invested.  

I would spend quite a bit of time keeping up with the news at work until one day the banhammer hit. My work changed the firewall to block out "games" and hence IGN was blocked. To be fair it was mostly my fault because I was also on Facebook commenting during work hours, that didn't sit well with the higher ups when they saw it, almost lost a promotion because of "lewd" comments.

So needless to say I was pretty bummed. Not only was I bored at work, but now I had no way of keeping up with gaming. But that's when I tried Dtoid. You would not believe how delighted I was to see that Dtoid wasn't caught by the firewall. 

On the website it says, come for the news, stay for the community, and that's exactly why I love this place so much. I sometimes take for granted how amazing you guys are. I'll go to the Youtube comments section, or the IGN comments section and see how terrible it can be. Now it's not always bad, but when I can count on just about any page seeing ignorant comments with underhanded jabs or downright inflamitory trollbait, I realize how much better it is over here.

That's not to say we don't have things happen here, but honestly it's petty by comparion. In general the troll comments are just for fun (I know because I do it myself...trololol), comments are usually there to spark intelligent conversation, and the jabs are there because developers do stupid things. 

 I love the jokes. You guys are genuinely funny, and not just the people who frequent the site, but the moderators. I just crack up sometimes at the gifs, and banter back and fourth. I swear, someone who doesn't know anything about Dtoid might come and think we're all crazy (we are). I've had to hold back audible laughter at work because of it. Do you know how hard it is to answer the phone in a serious tone after some of the random comments/pics I've seen?

Some Dtoiders I'd like to mention that have been great to talk to:

Occams: your weird tollerance is through the roof                                                                           Reinhold Hoffman: The crazy dictator who loves fighting games...of course!                                           Solar Pony: you have a good spirit about you, don't lose that                                                       Goofier Brute: an affable goof                                                                                       Dreamweaver:we make sexy talk, and I like it!                                                                       Gajknight: ditto, and Sony talk too, I'm cool with that                                                                     Chilly Billy aka Cold William:resident Nintendo fan, great minds think alike

I know I'm forgetting some people, forgive my terrible memory....

Finally, I'd like to acknowlege the editors. I know we give you shit if you misspell a word, or something comes later than the other sites, but we do appreciate all your work. Like I said earlier, the honesty and straightforward jouralism means a lot, so does the integrity. I feel like I have to filter other gaming sites and magazines. I don't feel like that is the case here. No, I don't always 100% agree with everything, but being a journalist doesn't strip your right to have an opinion.

With all that said, I would like to see a few things. I'd like to see a few more interviews and in depth talks about the gaming industry as a whole. An editoral on what Nintendo should do with the NX, and what the DeNA partnership means for the company would be a good example of this. I go to youtube to find this sort of thing, but that's a role I think Dtoid could do. I really loved that interview with Jonathan Holmes and Dan Adelman, it gave me great insight to how Nintendo works. 

That's really my biggest request, but there's other things like the homebrew community, the modding community, and even the retro enthusiasts could all have some kind of coverage. I know, I'm sure you guys are super busy, and there's probably a lot to keep up with, I'm just throwing it out there if you ever do get to expand. Regardless, I think everyone agrees that it's great that you keep your focus on gaming. 

I love what you guys are doing, and just wanted to let you know you are appreciated. 

No I'm not leaving, but I thought I would just reflect, and I thought I'd leave this song that I feel ties the whole thing together:

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Hey, I'm sonic429, just call me sonic. I've been gaming since the 8 bit days, my first system was the Atari 7800. I try to play as many different types of games as possible, but my favorite genres are platformers, adventure, and fighters. I grew up with Nintendo and Sega so they will always be special to me, but I also have love for Sony and Microsoft.

Being fair and balanced is always my goal when forming my opinions, and I'm a very opinionated gamer. So if you don't agree with me I have no problems hearing the other side of the argument provided you can back it up. That's the way we all grow in knowledge and gain maturity. But most of all I'm here to have fun and interact with the community.

Happy gaming.