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Cblogs of 4/18/15 - I can't believe that happened.


Justified has its series finale last week, and damn am I going to miss this show. However, some minor nitpicks aside, I don't think I could've asked for a better way for it to end. Spoilers for the series as a whole below!

What a finale, huh? After the penultimate episode where Boyd survives his encounter with Zachariah, Ava gets taken by corrupt policemen to bring to the corrupt business man Avery, and Raylan gets hauled in for going rogue, this was one of the longest weeks I've had to wait. However, when everything finally came into a head within the first half of the finale, it was so worth it. Boyd may have killed Avery faster than I would've liked, but the resulting headshot through the eye was pleasantly satisfying. My favorite part is when Raylan comes in after the shootout and tempts Boyd to draw on him so Raylan would have a reason to shoot him. He even kicks Boyd a gun when Boyd tells him that his is empty (so badass). However, after Boyd loses his spirits after finding out why Ava turned on him (she thought he would've done it first), Boyd chooses not to pull, and Raylan chooses to arrest him rather than shoot him anyway.

Over the series, we see Raylan putting his enemies in situations where they're "forced" to pull so Raylan can shoot them. In one instance, he practically sets up a "hit" so if the criminal doesn't submit himself for arrest, Raylan will walk away and let the hitmen open fire. Boyd is Raylan's most hated enemy, so to actually let him live was a fitting way to show how Raylan has changed. He does get into a shootout with Avery's bodyguard Boon, and that was an awesome moment: the setting was nice, and it happened as quick as you'd imagine a duel to happen. With all the subtle hints that Raylan was going to die over the season, topped with the song "You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive" (a bit much in my opinion, but omnious), it was cool to see Raylan survive, especially because Boon tried to aim for the head instead of center mass like Raylan did.

During the debacle, Ava steals Raylan's car and drives away. I understand her reasoning (she was going to go to jail with no hopes of negotiation, and she was set to die by the inmates), but I was pretty frustrated with her character, and this didn't help. However, the police doesn't find her, and even though Raylan feels like the case is incomplete with Ava running free, he gets enough closure that he can leave Harlan county behind.

Afterward a short series of goodbyes, the episode moves four years later, and we see Raylan living in Miami to be with his daughter. While Raylan doesn't get with Winona, it only bothers me a little... but still bothers me, because I'm one of those people who ships characters. Interestingly enough, Raylan gets a report about a woman who looks like Ava, and goes to investigate. Turns out, the woman IS Ava, and although she has become a better person, Raylan still wants to take her in since she's a fugitive. Ava seems okay to go, but first wants to show something that hopes Raylan keeps a secret from Boyd: as you guessed, she has a son. After seeing that she cares for him even though it's Boyd's bastard, Raylan decides not to turn her in, and also helps ease her worries that Boyd might one day come back to her.

Raylan visits Boyd in jail (after a very entertaining Church sermon, which Boyd has become a preacher of), and tells him that Ava is dead. Boyd is obviously distaught, but he seems to accept this. In a touching moment though, Boyd asks why Raylan came to tell him in person when he could've just called, and in a way, it references Raylan's decision to not kill Boyd back then. Boyd tells him that it was "because we dug coal together", and Raylan confirms it. Throughout the series, coal miners are shown to be brothers, and it was nice to see that referenced once more.

Overall, I truly enjoy this show, and I am more than satisfied with the ending.

I don't know if this story is true or not, but I do know that this is quite possibly one of the best news story I have ever read. Honestly, I read this like a dozen times, and imagined it plenty more, and it only happened last week. The story is that a mom allowed her daughter to throw a party where she provides the weed and alcohol. That's cool in itself, but not what I'm interested in. No, she let her daughter and her guests get naked and play Twister, and the mom even join in on the fun. She even bangs one of the boys in the bathroom, and after being unsatisfied, goes out into the living room to double penetrate herself with dildos. The guests decides to move their party to the hot tub, and afterwards the mom goes to sleep on her bed... only to wake up while being raped by her daughter's boyfriend, whom the daughter doesn't sleep with because she was afraid of not being able to handle his 10-inch penis.

It sounds so far-fetched, but so amazing at the same time. The story also includes a tidbit where the mom would not only take porn pictures of herself with her boyfriend, but would also show them at the party, even to her 16 year old daughter. I am honestly very jealous. I know the idea of seeing your mom in these situations would be a turn-off to most people, but I can't help but wish something this fucked up would happen to me. Well, maybe not if it was my mom (it's not the idea that it's my mom that's a turn off, but rather my mom's not hot... but this woman doesn't look too bad), but if I was a guest at this party, it'd be the perfect opportunity to lose my virginity.

At least try to act surprised.

I am so sick of looking at computer screens. I've had to stare at one to do everything lately and my eyes are really, really tired. It doesn't help that my room is hot, so the fan is constantly blowing in my direction, drying my eyes out. I do not look forward to my school work either: we had to do a 7000 word minimum portfolio for my Creative Writing class, and it turns out that, as far along as I am, I'm only at 4500. The portfolio is due less than 10 days, and I got about 2500 more words to write, and in addition to my lack of creativity lately, I am not looking forward to the final push. Honestly, I wouldn't mind failing because if I could take the class again, I would. It's fun, though it is a bit of a double edged sword when I see how good everyone is at writing, and I'm already struggling with "depression" as it is. My life situation is getting even worse despite some interesting opportunities that opened up to me, but that's another time.

I'm so close to beating Bloodborne, though I'm opting to skip some of the optional areas. I want to do it all, believe me, but the hassle it takes to do it all just dosn't feel worth it. For example, one area is littered with enemies that can suck Insight away from you (think Humanity in Dark Souls) that I don't want to go there to fight the two optional, albeit lore important bosses. The other area is full of these enemies that can kill you just because you're looking at them. I'm confident that I did at least 80% of the non-Chalice Dungeon part of the game though, which is a nice chunk. And since I'll probably make a backup save in order to get all three endings, maybe one day I'll go back, grind my ass off, and head back to the hard areas and see if they're more managable.

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- Dreamweaver


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