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Super Smash Flash 2 - A Fan-Made Smash Bros. Game Done Right


Developer: McLeodGaming
Publisher: McLeodGaming
Format: PC (browser/flash)

The Super Smash Bros. series is one with a fanbase who is always ready to suggest new entries to the roster. Some fans merely dream about the possibilities, some go so far as to make fan art and whole move-set charts, and then there are people like McLeodGaming, who make entire fan-made games. Super Smash Flash 2 is this fan-made smash game, and it's a dang good one.

It's just like every other Smash game:  a fast paced fighting game with lots of platforming elements. Combat, instead of being about lowering your enemy's health, is all about raising the percentage of damage they've taken so that you can knock them off the screen. The higher the percentage, the further they fly when you hit them, making damage inducing combos still just as valuable as the attack that make enemies fly. There are also the standard blocks and dodges you'd see in any other Smash game.

Because the only means of defeating an opponent is to knock them flying off of the stage and then the screen and then some, platforming is emphasized a great deal. Every character has a double jump, and in most cases an Up+Special to boost them up further. I really enjoy this, as it makes it feel like jumping around is truly more than just a means of setting up a combo. Jumping around is just as important as doing damage.

The character roster in this game isn't really huge, but it is unique. It has Sora, Tails, the (brokenly powerful) Black Mage from Final Fantasy, and more. There are even a few characters from animes, like Goku, Naruto, and Ichigo. It's a diverse cast of characters, each working very differently, having their own strengths and weaknesses. Many new and different move-sets to get used to, whether it be with using or fighting against. Everyone has their own preference with characters, and usually gravitate towards a select few, but I found it fun to play as most characters once you get adjusted to how to use them.

There is a whole onslaught of new stages to go with the new characters. Each one looks awesome and most have unique mechanics as well as hazards to add a bit of spice to the battle. There's at least one stage per each character, with some characters having more than one stage from their respective game.

Controls are completely keyboard, which might be something you want to adjust to before you start legitimately playing. Movement is done with the WASD set up, while the basic attacks are done with P, special attacks are done with O, dodging and blocking are both done with I, and finally grabbing is done with U. It's kinda confusing at first and you might have to adjust your fingers to it all, but once you're used to it it should be fine.

The sheer amount of options in this game is nice. And I'm not talking about the characters and stages anymore. I'm talking about everything else. There's basic fighting, special fighting (which has a lot of options in of itself), online fighting, training (with lots of options itself as well), and even more stuff. There's plenty to do in case you get bored of wiping the floor with your least favorite character while playing as you favorite one.

My only real qualm I ran into with this game is the sheer amount of bugs and issues you can run into when trying to play online. I tried getting a few friends together and a number of crashes, freezes, and page refreshes ensued. It was a mess. I did get it to work the night before and there were not too many problems aside from atrocious lag, and other than that lag the game was decently fun to play with friends.

Visuals are pixelated, but pixelated right. The 3D models of the traditional Smash games are beautifully translated into 2D sprites, and the new characters are done just as well. The animations are astoundingly smooth and beautiful. Everything is all flashy and the game finds clever ways to add a lot of nice touches that fit better with the 2D sprites that I feel they would with 3D models.

Music is awesome. The main theme is so awesome and triumphant and fits Smash so well. It's so good I've already had it in a VGMC. Each stage also has it's own theme, so it's not like the game runs short on music. Each piece fits the stage well and comes packed with it's own tone and atmosphere. No matter the tune, they all sound good behind the sounds of me brutalizing my enemy.

Super Smash Flash 2 is a simple game, but a simple game done well. It's got a lot up it's sleeve to play around with. Impressive is the single word I would use to describe it. Other than fun, that is. If you're a fan of Super Smash Bros. or just want a free fighting game to play, I'd highly suggest this one.

Play Super Smash Flash 2 HERE

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