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EA Releases Video of Endor recreated in CG, slaps "Battlefront" to it


Like many of you, I was incredibly excited when I heard that EA were planning on releasing a video of the Battle of Endor recreated in CG. What made the wait even more hard was the rumours that they were going to slap the word "Battlefront" on it. I've been a huge fan of CG videos with exciting names attached to them - The Uncharted 4: A Thief's End short film was really something - and I feel this could easily be the best yet.

The trailer starts with the words "In Game Engine", hinting that this is a videogame. However, it is not. As we were all hoping, it is the promised Battle of Endor recreated in CG with the name Battlefront slapped on it. Sneaky EA, teasing us even when we're watching the product! It is very similar to sitting down to watch Interstellar and the words "Carved with real marble" appear on screen.

The short film itself is very impressive, and shows how far CG has come. It is a far cry from the awkwardness of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and is even better than the recent CG film "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Trailer". The light filters through the trees with such realism, you'd think you were watching the actual Endor fight from Return of the Jedi!

You are, however, not. As although the visuals are stunning, the actual fight takes place slightly differently. For instance, the lovable Ewoks are replaced by jetpacking Sullustans who wield rocket launchers instead of twigs and stones. Despite the weaponry setback, it seems these soldiers can still take down an AT-ST with just as much ease as the cuddly critters who were crucial in the original fights charm.

About halfway through the film, the evil Empire send out the four-legged AT-AT to try and swing the tide in their favour. I can't help but feel this was a tactical error though, as the densely populated forest would have meant manoeuvring the giant vehicle would be incredibly difficult. Predictably, it stays stuck in one place as the rebels signal in a bombing run and destroy it. Looks like Ewoks still aren't needed there, either!

The film ends on a delightful twist, showing Darth Vader entering the fight. Originally, Darth Vader was on the Death Star fighting his son Luke Skywalker (and - spoiler - later the Emperor). I feel when remaking something, it is nice to switch things up to make people familiar with the source material still feel the need to shift to the edge of their seat, and this reveal made me gasp in shock.

However, the film ends there, going on to tease future projects. I am looking forward to "CG Remake of Hoth with Battlefront slapped on it" the most, as that was my favourite fight in the original trilogy. Though now I am expectant of twists, so EA will have to really pull something crazy to impress me this time. Maybe revealing that this was a game the whole time and showing gameplay might be enough to impress me. But after so many years in development, I doubt this short film series would be still holding back gameplay, right?

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