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Video Game Music Compilation 39


Author's Note:
This is the first VGMC to be posted on my C-Blog on Destructoid. VGMC stands for "Video Game Music Compilation" and is essentially where I write about the atmosphere, tone, style, and whatever else that piece of VGM has to offer. I also leave links to the music so you can listen to them while you read! I hope you enjoy! If you do enjoy this, keep in mind there are 38 more of them on my own website, so if that's of interest you can check those out.

Before I go into a VGMC revolving around the music from a specific game, how about a random selection of music from a random selection of games. I like these, as they provide the most variety to both the music and the games. So without further ado, here's VGMC 39!

Jurassic Beach - Ecco The Dolphin
Ambience is often something I tend to associate with the ocean, so this is perfect. The guitar rifts, bits of chip-tune, and other synth-esque notes are all elegant and almost never repeat. There are no core melodies, so those can't repeat either. This is impressive for a track over five minutes. The atmosphere crafted by this piece provides a serene sense of mystery. It's calming and immersive, which is what ever good ambience track strives to do.

Dreams of Above - Avalanche
Don't you just want to climb? If you just said no you haven't clicked this link yet. With the melody growing into a fast- paced string of chip-tune notes, it's kinda no wonder that this song doesn't last too long. It's fun, exciting, adrenaline-pumping, and catchy. It's only problem is that it constantly plays that core melody, beating it into your eardrums until you finally hum along to it. It's not too bad, as the melody is backed up by an array of other bits of chip-tune, making it fresh enough so that it's not outstayed it's welcome by the time you've died in the game enough times.

Colony Ship(2008) - FTL: Advanced Edition
Another chip-tune piece. I seems I just can't get away from these. This one feels surprisingly more sci-fi themed that you'd expect from the already electronic style of chip tune, which probably has to do with some rifts having a sort of echo effect to them. The composition on this piece is beautiful at times, being whole-hearted and inspiring a sense of epicness as well as grandeur. It's also pretty happy at times, with those segments probably being a bit more catchy. It actually starts out happy, and then descends into epicness, making for a weird mix of atmosphere. It's like being immersed into two strong atmospheres one ofter another. It's weird.

Crisis of Fate - Ace Attorney: Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
The fast pace of the variety of instruments like the drums, piano, and violins make this track feel so intense. The way it repeats some bits, sometimes in a higher pitch, also greatly adds to this intensity. As a matter of fact, this whole piece just oozes with some form of intensity. It makes you feel like you should always be on your toes when you listen to it. The beautifully crafted composition overall is something I have grown to love and adore after the many times I've heard this song. Despite the many times I have listened to it, as long as I actually pay attention to it, I never feel the atmosphere fading.

Auspicious People - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
This piece is many things, like the following: happy, vibrant, joyful, bouncy, and short. Despite it's short length it's well worth hearing over and over. The core melody just grabs your soul and takes you for an joyride of innocence and fun. Each of the notes almost seem to jump for joy when they meet your eardrums, and you just can't help but want to jump along with them. If this piece was personified into an animal it'd be a dog, because it's so happy it's borderline annoying. It seems to have so much joy to itself that it wants to give it all away. So why not take some?

Well, that's VGMC 39 for you. VGMC 40 will be all over a few tracks from a little game called Yoshi's Story, so look out for that!

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