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GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT VS. xxXilluminatiXxx - A Parody of Many Things


Developer: Andy Sum
Publisher: Andy Sum
Format: PC (Window and Mac)

GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT VS. xxXilluminatiXxx is one of those parody games making fun of many cultures mostly native to the internet, or at least more prominent to the internet. It's a generic shooter with a not so generic means of being a parody. Instead of making fun of something via witty satire, it instead spams the player constantly with the things it's a parody of. How could this work as well as it does? Well that's entirely because of the things that it parodies.

This game parodies a lot of things, like the following:  memes and meme culture, gaming culture (more specifically MLG and quick-scoping), as well as other various other things like swag, yolo, dubstep, fonts, and really the list could go on and on. There's a lot of other things thrown in there, all being spammed almost all the time to the point where it's absurd.

That's why it's so good. You notice more and more things being parodied as you continue, all being introduced in different ways. Everything from the beginning cutscene to shooting an enemy to the world layout all the way to the ending. It's the cohesion (or even the lack of cohesion) that makes it so absurd, and it's the absurdity that makes it a parody.

The illuminati symbol is pasted onto the enemy's heads, and when you shoot them not only do many words of different colors, sizes, and animations show up saying things like "noscoped!" and the likes, but there are also many different types of memes that show up as a sort of mock celebration. Different memes show up each time, making each kill feel just as absurd as the last one. One of the best parts is that all the stuff can pile up if you get multiple kills in a row, making it almost impossible to see sometimes.

Another main mechanic you have to keep up with is satisfying your "hungryiness" and "thirst4dew" by eating bags of Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew. It's funny at first because of the sheer amount of them everywhere, but I actually found it to be a pain to have to run around and pick them all up. It breaks the action to have to stop shooting and look down to eat, drink, or restock ammo. Eating and drinking is also the only way to regain health, so it's pretty important to keep going around guns blazing.

Speaking of blazing there's one room in particular that anyone who's played this game could tell you about. You open the door to be greeted with a room with weed-printed floors, walls, and ceilings, as well as a meme and the middle of the screen about weed and an audio clip stating "smoke weed everyday". It even goes so far as to have a third arm go behind the ones holding your gun to put a blunt in your mouth. It's all blasted at you at once, only adding to the whole parody effect, this time covering weed culture.

The shooting is that of a mediocre shooter from the 2000's, but works well enough to just spam automatic fire  everywhere and rack up the sweet memes. Everything feels clunky and awkward, but in a game that parodies FPS games and its culture, I don't think that's entirely bad. It's not too bad, but you can definitely feel it, so if anything it adds to the whole parody effect.

So far I've only covered the visuals and how absurd they are, but it's about time I cover some of the sound direction. There are a surprising amount of sound clips from memes that complement the already insane barrage of visual memes. The music actually isn't too bad at times, and is entirely electronic beats, most of which is dubstep. Obviously having this playing will only add another layer of hilarity to a situation.

So all in all this game is a decent parody game. The direct approach of blasting the player with the things it's meant to parody works well, as the absurdity of it keeps anyone from taking it seriously, making the thing it's parodying seem all the more trivial and silly. Just look up the game and see any screenshot for an example of what I'm talking about. It does it's job and I'll admit it got some giggles out of me. In short, it's absurd.

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