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BoB Recap for March!


Hey all! Terribly sorry that you haven't heard much from me lately. There have been many reasons for that and I'll do my best to post a write up tomorrow for those curious about what's been going on with me. For today though let's wrap up last month's Band of Bloggers event. Unfortunately we didn't really have many people take part directly in our event, but since I'm the one writing this (and I'm currently sick as hell) I have decided that in my infinite power and wisdom I will include anyone who wrote about anything Zelda related. I'll also be awarding points to anyone who took part. And if you didn't take part? SUCK IT! NO POINTS FOR YOU. Let's get started!

GoofierBrute's Wind Waker Analysis

First up is a write up about the fantastic experience that is Wind Waker. If you haven't played Wind Waker at this point then it's probably because you just can't be trusted to do anything. I mean Jesus Christ people. This game is like 12 years old. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? In any case you can count on GoofierBrute to give you a fun break down about all the fine little details that make Wind Waker a great and unique experience in the Legend of Zelda mythos. On account of Goofier's lovely write up, using my Hello Hyrule title, and calling me rad, I award him... a whole bunch of points!

n0signal's Moon Man Masquerade!

Here's quite an interesting and unique take on the monthly assignment! Blogger n0signal decided to write about Majora's Mask, but rather than speak on the game itself he delves into the idea of the faced Moon and the things it may have been inspired by. You may be quite surprised to learn of older version of the creepily faced floating hunk of rock! The Moon was always one of my favorite parts of MM, not just because it has a creepy face but also when you get to visit it and it has this weird dream realm in it. Crazy stuff! For a unique write up and a cool Hello Hyrule logo on top of his blog, I award n0signal.... a bucket of points!

Preposterous Whitey's Earful

When you think of Legend of Zelda what's the first thing that comes to your mind? A princess in danger? An annoying fairy? HYAAAA? Well for Preposterous Whitey the answer is very clear: Bunny Ears! Have a seat and let PW tell you why having long glorious bunny ears is the most important part of Majora's Mask. I don't think I've ever heard such an endearing case for a headband with some rabbit ears on it but this man is dedicated! Personally I'm more of a Zora mask guy, I like the bone fish guitar. To each their own I say! For a fun and different take on the assignment I award Preposterous Whitey with... some points!

Noir Trilby Corrects the Mistake of Not Liking Majora's Mask

Noir Trilby gives us a more traditional write up about his experiences with Majora's Mask, but that's perfectly fine because he has some interesting things to say! NT weaves us a tale about his first time playing MM back on the GameCube release and not being able to get into it. He then uses the fantastic line “So, play the Song of Double Time to 2015” and tells us all about how he revisited the game in the recent remaster. It's always nice to see people gain appreciation for such a fantastic game! No game is for everyone, so there will always be great games that some people just don't connect with, but we can relish moments like these regardless. For his new-found MM appreciation, I award Noir Trilby... a cup of points!

Agent9's Story Time!

Agent9 drops by this month to tell us about his favorite part of Majora's Mask; the stories! Learn about the tales of Darmani, Romani, and more! One thing that Majora's Mask did fantastically was filling it with so many great smaller stories that you got to experience as you explored the strange landscape of Termina. The whole experience is very surreal, and that's one thing that I really dig in games. For a fun little story time I award Agent9 with... 9 points. But big ones. Like, palm of your hand sized points.

Rico the Penguin's Link the Lady

Our final write up comes from the mind of a penguin named Rico. Odd name for a penguin, but who am I to judge? Rico gives us quite a nice double write up. First he tells us his feelings on the subject of Link's gender and it's importance (a stance that I myself would agree with!) and then gives us a great little fan fiction of an example of how the legend of Link could be broken to experiment with new things for the story! It's a very intriguing piece and I quite enjoyed it. I've always thought it would be cool if we got a Zelda story that worked in a Serge/Lynx way from Chrono Cross where they swap bodies and you have to deal with everyone thinking you're the bad guy. Have Ganon steal Link's body and tarnish his reputation while you're stuck doing good deeds as Ganon. Could be cool! For Rico's lovely write up I award him...pockets full of points! Oh dear, do penguins have pockets? I sure hope so, your point total will depend on your pocket size.

Edit: I missed one! Terribly sorry Shade!

ShadeOfLight's SeaOfSights

 Good guy ShadeOfLight managed to sneak in a Wind Waker piece that flew right under my radar with it's title, but here you'll find a great write up about the biggest thing that makes Wind Waker great (from a gameplay perspective): the exploration! Exploring the Great Sea on your fabulous little ship is one hell of a beautiful and satisfying experience. You'll get to visit many different little islands and see so many sights that just really make this wonderful world feel that much more fleshed out. Sea exploration can be difficult to pull off in a game but Nintendo really managed to make something special in Wind Waker. As an apology for missing Shade's great piece in the original posting; I award him a single golden point. May you treasure it always.


And that's been your March roundup for Band of Bloggers! As for the future of the event, I honestly don't know. I've been going through a bunch of issues and Scholarly has his new job and I haven't gotten a chance to speak to Dream yet so I'm not sure what will come next, but if you have any ideas, suggestions, concerns, or whatever feel free to leave them below! Thanks for reading!


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