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I Would Never Get My Own Cooking Show


So I was pleasantly surprised at you all actually enjoyed my recent blog post about making fried rice. After all, Dtoid is a gaming focused website, and that instantly conjures up images of people who rather eat cheetos and delivery pizza. So this opened my eyes on two fronts. First, the community here does have interests outside of games, and that we aren't all cut from the same stereotypical mold. And second, that food is universal, and we spend a lot of time eating it, making it, appreciating it, and talking about it.

So over on my YouTube I started to make more vids about food over the last few months. Which again, was initially a bit odd because much of what I like talking about is about how my life is centered around games. But I find cooking to be absolutely liberating, exciting, and just darn fun. And it's a lot like making games, but I'll get into that next time!

This particular batch of vids covers a pretty nifty online service called Green Chef. Basically, if you don't got time to prep and cook, but still like the idea of a homecooked meal, then this thing is a godsend. Each week they mail you a batch of meals in the form of raw ingredients, and they give you a recipe to mash it all together into something that looks like a real meal. 

There are a bunch of services out there like this now ie. Blue Apron and Plated, but I gave Green Chef a shot because my friend Steve invested in it and he wanted some honest feedback about the service. And second, everything Green Chef sends you is much fresher, and mostly organic. I never really gave much thought to the whole organic movement until I was in Hawaii recently and started to change my diet. Man, the food really does taste better when the ingredients are better. Who freakin knew.

Anyways, while I love cooking, it's pretty evident that I would never get my own cooking show because following recipe instructions is just not something I do. And second, when half the meal is already prepared for you like Green Chef... that's sorta like... cheating.

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