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Never Revealed Game Concepts


While cleaning out my pile of artwork and paperwork, I found some old game concepts that brought back memories.

Some of this stuff dates back 20 years, so it's amusing to look back and see what was going through my head. What's cool was one concept I had codenamed Cat Burglar, where you play as a thief that steals rare treasures in museums. Had similar mechanics to Tomb Raider. Ironically enough, I went to work on Tomb Raider shortly after this. Though after reading through my notes, it's clear my ideas was too ambitious. One of puzzles I created would have been a nightmare to implement! I'll chalk it up to a newbie game designer!

I do LOVE the general idea I had for a Mega Man style platformer but with wacky superheroes, which I'm surprised no one has done. The characters designed were based on old friends in high school, though looking back, I have to admit while it was all in jest, I can see how some of it seems like it was poking fun at people... kids... My best friend (who is a 10x better artist than I ever was) and I ended drawing comics of these characters and selling them to friends in school, and we had a scene that made fun of the teachers as being unlucky collateral damage in a superhero vs supervillain battle. They weren't too happy about that either and somewhere along the lines we were banned from selling more comics on school grounds. 

Anyways, been thinking that this Mega Man + superhero concept could be a fun one to work on after Spark Rising :)

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