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Post PAX Blog: Party in the East, 2015


Well about a week ago a wonderful event where gamers get together called PAX East happened. There was a lot of anticipation leading up to it, it happened, everyone enjoyed themselves (yes, I've confirmed this!) and now it's time to be sad that it's over :(

The last one's so sad he just mopes around now listening to linkin bark

More to the point, every year I write a blog following up on all the things that happened at the show. I'll try not to forget anything but here goes:

Dtoid stuff: Met with Dustin to record a quick intro segment for Radio Destructoid, hung out with a few dtoiders, most of whom I didn't recognize/know except psy from last year and Jed from the staff at the old favorite spot Elephant and Castle, the annual community photo time where I got to meet with several familiars also Kyle for the first time, then skipped the next dinner night, gave out community awards on the showfloor with Holmes, Caitlin, Kyle and other cool people, which was nice because otherwise I wouldn't be doing anything all that cool on Sunday except wandering and then finally we wrapped up the Radio Destructoid recording for the live episode, and sad goodbyes. Oh and it's not entirely related to Dtoid anymore but I found and met Spencer and Betty. They were really, really nice and it was great to meet them. Also incredibly not what I excepted height-wise lol. Sadly Phil was not there with them!

Interesting games: Holy crap the only thing I'm sure as shit coming away from PAX this year is that the amount of games I need to check out/follow/buy is scary overwhelming. I'll do my best to jot them all down here: Don't Starve: Together, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Witcher III, Severed, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Axiom Verge, Titan Souls, Kwaan, The Masterplan, Mini Metro, Vagante, the new Steamworld game a little, CheckIn-KnockOutNo Time To ExplainGhost Control INC.Spoiler AlertSpeedRunnersLovely PlanetParty... Hard, all of the adult swim games games (TreverserOblitusWesterado Double BarreledRise & ShineGhost SongDuck GameRain World and Death's Gambit), Codename Steam, Bastion on PS4, Tearaway on PS4, Shovel Knight and YIIK. Obviously, it's mostly indie games, there are just so damn many of them. Honestly I was not expecting how many games were interesting for me this year. I would've also loved to check out The Behemoth's "Game Number 4" or whatever it's called. They're a favorite of mine, would like to see what else they got for us.

Other stuff: Some other cool stuff that happened to me was, for instance, I had my wrestling mask on me and got it signed by the Drink Box people, pretty cool of them and they seemed generally thrilled to do it too! I also got to check out Bit Brigade a second time and they did Metroid again but I liked it a lot more this time (at MAGfest it was a bummer for some reason). Sadly my favorite Chiptunes musician was there but he didn't perform at the convention center but a bar in the area and it was too late for me to go by the time I realized. Mega 64 was great as always, their panel and their booth. It's hard to remember the rest.

The Pictures: I made a thread calling for people that wanted to be adopted, a long standing Destructoid tradition and the vast majority of them made it with me in the form of a giant cardboard box, that at times I could hold like a shield. In the style of a picture blog, every picture, dtoid shield pics included, will all be uploaded to gallery and posted one by one following. The gallery has better quality if you want.


I'm so ready for this

And this

Special pic for Andy

A bunch of high end fans I think

The Calling of the Dew-des!

Sitting down to dinner with the Dtoid family

I only just found out this game is being made by the Advanced Wars guy, must get.

Bit Brigade !m!

Free Shrugs guy was pretty meh..

Coolest Enforcer cosplay to date!

This is a game called Party Hard it's about partying.... hard!

I was standing in front of this dumb Evolve display and trying to get a neat pic with the avatars, couldn't get it to come out well so I decided to edit it in myself, shut up it's the feeling that matters.


I also picked up some codes. I'm always happy to share with the Dtoid community, so if anyone wants I can give out a couple here and the rest will be given away on PStoid's next episode!

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