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Casual & Biased Movie Review: Back to the Future Part III


Again, before I start this review, I would like to tell you that today is my birthday!!!
(Actually due to time differences, yesterday was my birthday.)
Ironically, it is also the same day when alternate-George Mcfly was killed at 1973. So yeah, a bit of a mood whiplash here.
On the another hand, I've found out that Claudia Wells (The original Jennifer in BTTF 1) was born in here! In Malaysia!
Now then, let's get this review STARTED!!!

Back to the Future Part III continues from the previous movie, after Marty (Michael J. Fox) gave 1955 Doc (Christopher Lloyd) a shock after sending 1955 Marty back to the future (pun intended). Marty received a letter from the original Doc while standing at the exact time and place when Doc disappeared, which stated that he was stuck at the Old West during 1885 after his DeLorean was struck by lightning and disappeared at the last movie. After discovered a grave that belongs to Doc Emmett that was killed a week after he wrote the letter, Marty decided to use time-travel to save his BFF outatime (Not gonna apologize for this one).

Aim for the heart, Marty.

If BTTF is A New Hope, and BTTF Part II is a not-so-superior The Empire Strikes Back, then surely BTTF Part III would be Return of the Jedi, right? Well, somewhat. Although BTTF Part III tried to return back to the lighter side of the franchise, the fun were certainly sap out of the movie already. For one, the movie seems to run out of how to make the science fiction side works on this movie and decides to make it a stereotypical Western comedy with the usual tropes, which makes it not as fun as before. Secondly, most of the running gag jokes are not as comedic as before, like the 'Marty woke up and met his mom' scenes. While the scene is indeed funny the first time, the second time is not as funny, and the third time felt like the writers just throw it in for the sake of a gag. Last but not least, which might be vary for some, the final fate of the Delorean. While the scene seems reasonable due to Doc's explaination, it might be heartbreaking for those who fell in love with it.

"Thanks for standin' still, wanker!"

That's not to say the film is entirely a failure. For one, for those who disliked the darker aspect of BTTF Part II will certainly be entertained by the lighter side of BTTF Part III. Those who also dislike the Tannens will be delighted that his predecessor will get his just desserts. And the ending, while not up to my liking in my opinion, is quite a satisfying way to end a long journey through time.

The scene that predicted the future of multiplayer shooters.

Fox, Lloyd and Wilson all did their job well at their respective roles as Marty & Seamus McFly, Doc Emmett, and predecessor Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, as usual. Mary Steenburgen, as much as how attractive she is (She's even hotter at Justified), doesn't have enough characeristic for us to care about her character. Other casts are just 'sort-of-there' for running gags that their predecessors existed.

In the end, while I didn't enjoyed the movie as much as the last two movies, those who wanted a lighter movie in the franchise might want to consider watching this.

Welp, that's the end of the Back to the Future trilogy reviews. I'll post a game review soon, and look for another movie franchise to write about.

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