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How To Make Wicked Fried Rice


Not to lump all you gamers out there into one big wad, but it seems to be the unfortunate reality that many of you are much better at Cooking Mama than real life cooking. After all, in a day and age where it's so easy to just call for pizza delivery, or microwave a Hot Pocket, why even bother mastering the art of cooking?

Simple: Because it'll save you a crap ton of money, it's healthier for you and it'll taste better. OK, that last part... ONLY if you are good at it!

So I made this vid showing you all how to make fried rice. It's ultra easy, and works wonders when you gotta work your way through left overs you find scattered around your fridge. But there is an ancient chinese secret to it... which I don't know... so I'll just teach you the Master Lee way instead, which is to wing it!

I learned how to cook back at my first job when I worked at Eidos. I barely made minimum wage, was living in San Francisco, living in a studio while sleeping on a floor because I couldn't afford furniture. I wanted to level up from hotdogs and ramen which was my diet in college. I found that you can take baby steps to mastering the art of cooking, so I been vlogging about my experiments, hopefully to inspire more of you to give it a shot too!

Eventually inspired enough to take a few cooking clases, and then went to teach a cooking class. What I learned was that cooking was merely mixing stuff together in particular ways and there are really only a few techniques that you know, you can apply to many recipes. 

If you got your recipes that you think are yummy and easy to make, please do share. I love trying new things!

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