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How the mighty fast have fallen: Sega calls it


Allegedly, Sega is shifting away from developing games to focus its efforts entirely, or almost entirely, on the phone/mobile games market reports say. There are more recent findings suggesting that they aren't 100% out or that Sonic could still be on consoles, but let's face it this is likely the end of the road for Sonic and certainly Sega as we knew them.

They haven't had a really good game, or even a decent Sonic game in recent memory, they've been rereleasing several of their older games onto modern consoles and pc for years now - and doing a sloppy job at that too, where the hell is a Saturn Ultimate Collection? - and they've already caved by doing the mobile games schtick. This was just a matter of time, and no matter how many people say they feel confident that this isn't driving the last nail in the coffin, it is and might as well be as it would've happened eventually the way they were going.


What Sega meant to me

Despite growing up with Nintendo in the home, my fondest gaming memories are with Sega consoles. Genesis, Saturn and a bit of Dreamcast, sadly didn't get much exposure with that one. Sonic was, is and will always be better to me than Mario, the old games I mean. The music, level design and speed are all infinitely more interesting, I feel, however I'm not trying to shit on Mario just that when you're presented with a Rolls Royce that BMW gets forgotten quickly. Sonic 1, 2 and 3 are all perfect games and I can play them any time and enjoy the experience just the same. They're some of my favorite titles and even if Sega's Blue mascot changed for the worse, again in my opinion, there's just a wall that I set up between the good and the bad and I was always fine with that. Maybe Sega just couldn't stand to make a good Sonic game anymore, like they destroyed the franchise beyond redemption, that's fine but they had other great titles.

From there we have classics like Streets of Rage, Altered Beast and Daytona USA to name a few. All that hold a special place in games for me, because they were good games. Not to mention to this day Virtua Fighter is my favorite fighting game and the only one I'd consider to play again and again. Seriously the Virtua Fighter franchise has a lot of potential but a series of awful decisions destroyed Sega's reputation for even the core VF demographic of Japanese arcades where it had a legitimate scene and was strongest. All of that is down the shitter now. Hopes of a great sixth title that would undo all of the bad because you know the creator's generally wanted to make a great follow up game instead of just pumping out another broken rushed mess full of near immediate dlc/patches, (something practically unheard of in modern fighting games) gone in a flash. I traveled around the country for a brief period to hang with the awesome Virtua community, with a long established history and so much great potential to build upon. Such a shame seeing as it just hit its 20th anniversary.

And then even as far as 2006 Sega was still capable of being synonymous with good/decent titles. We saw that with Valkyria Chronicles, the Yakuza series, Resonance of Fate and then what happened? A suicidal decision of porting the sequel to the portable, exclusively, then doing nothing with the franchise till just, so recently where they rereleased the original game on steam. Poor support outside of Japan. I don't know, all of these games were great, so Sega is capable of putting good stuff out there, they just ruin it with awful business practices.


What's left

This is a really weird place. Seems like just yesterday one of the big two and then three and then four of consoles became just another game company. No offense to game companies just that's obviously a huge step down. And today, or in the near future, that game company is taking the next greatest downward step by becoming an all mobile focused company. At least it feels like this is the end because really where else can they step down to? Surely Sega isn't going to announce in another decade they're now just an indie studio. (Again no offense jeez)

Sega fans are pissed everywhere and they have every right to be. A collection of our favorite games and creators, plump with potential, are going to waste away all because of Sega. You'll never see that sequel or even remake you wanted. Nope that's done now. Hell I'm usually quick to complain about them but they seemed to be in the exact same situation not too long ago and yet even Capcom pulled out of it alright. They also let down fans countless times and ruined their own games with god-awful decisions but at least they did something right. I don't know what it is. Maybe they stole James Hetfield's ballsack and sacrificed it to get out of their rut. But they were able to. And so was Sega. Don't tell me you guys couldn't get out of this jam.

So that's it. The home of my favorite games of all time is going out not with a bang but with a whimper of fremium, in app microtransactions and generally, repetitive games that will annoy the crap out of old people on the bus.

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