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Leonard Nimoy has died :'(


I'm not normally one to write a eulogy blog -- especially a mostly NVGR one (Seaman notwithstanding) -- but the news of Leonard Nimoy's passing has really hit me hard :'( By all accounts Nimoy was not only a pillar in the nerd community, but a hell of a nice guy to boot, and the world has truly lost one of its greatest examples of humanity today.

One of my favorite of Nimoy's roles (other than the obvious Star Trek: TOS) was in the underappreciated JJ Abrams show Fringe. As William Bell, Nimoy was charismatic, funny, and at times a little bit frightening, and I always looked forward to seeing his name in the guest star list at the beginning of his episodes.

Rest in peace, Mr. Spock. You were loved by millions and you'll be missed by everyone who has ever seen your work <3

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