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2 years of Dtoid


Two years. 730 days. 17520 hours. A long fucking time. Lots of things happened in this while. Hey, I told you my next entry will be a bit more lighthearted, didn't I? And I know I'm a few days early, but fuck all the the rules (it's just because I'll most likely be away on weekend though - need to get shit done here, yo).

So I kept blogging here. I didn't manage to churn out as many entries as I did last year, but I feel my writing overall got more bearable. Also I have to be honest: I'm starting to run low on content here, so spreading it out a bit more is something that I'm fine with to keep the series, generally, running for a bit more longer. As last year, I'm doing a bit of a break at the moment. I do this to get away from writing about censorship (somewhat) regularly a bit, but also so a bit of new content can maybe pile up.
I also did some non-censorship related stuff. I explained why you should totall buy Goat Simulator and was totally serious about it. You still should totally buy Goat Simulator, if you haven't done so yet (What the fuck is wrong with you?!). I also wrote a little obeisance to Gravelord Nito, clearly the best thing that ever happened to videogames. Also I started writing for Digital Confederacy, a site created by former Dtoid legend ZombiePlatypus and still somewhat active Dtoider usedtabe. I don't write a lot about videogames there, though. I focus on music from Germany/Austria/Switzerland there. So if you dig music, or want to explore something new, you should head over there. It's fun there and I enjoy it, since music is even a bigger passion for me than games are.

I also became a good bit more active in the forums. Not only because I became a mod there, but because I also became an Admin there. Since Mxy resigned, Nihil and myself got promoted. So we take care of business down there together with our only true site mascot: Mr. Andy Dixon. Things are pretty easy going, even though there is a lot on my plate. The Forums Feature Request thread I started took off a lot more than I expected.
Dtoid has become more and more my digital home over last year. I used to compare the other community where I was active with a city and Dtoid is no different, even though a smaller one. I got less active on the Frontpage though. Last but not least there were changes in the line-up I simply disliked and it got mirrored by recently published articles. Yes, I'm one of the people who got pretty pissed off that "The Badger" articles were put online. Not for their writing style, not at all. I actually dig THAT. Remindes me of Spider Jerusalem. But the content was so utterly shitty, I'm more productive by taking a wank before showering. That reminds... brb. I was also very happy about some other changes in the line up. Let's say the right people got promoted.

That being said, the Blogs are awesome as ever. Just recently I looked at a few other sites and I just realized how high the quality here is. And I'm not shittalking here. The C-Blogs are incredibly strong, considering they are just a few people writing for the fun of it.

So what brings the future? Well, first off we'll have a Mount Your Friends tournament soon. I also plan on blogging about censorship coming May or April again, at latest. There are also some C-Blog Interviews that are basically done and if I manage to pull my thumbs out of my asses, I might start getting those up again. Here and there I'll surely do some small Editorials and opinion pieces. We'll see.
If come to know some people better, but don't really know anyone as good as I'd like it. Timezones are bitch. But if nothing bad and unexpected happens, I'll stick around. Sadly I'm sure others will follow my creed, but hey, it's always good to have people around that work as an example for the person you never want to be. Even if they're just very few here on Dtoid (the douchebag density is surprisingly low too).

So, let's raise our glases once more to antoher good year. May it better than ever, may the Steam discounts be bigger than ever and may we also find pleasant things to do with our genitals.

And now get off of my lawn, you cunts.

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