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A Game you Should Take a Look At...


Wow! I'm making a blog post! Yes it's been a while...But I have something I think you should spend some time looking at:

You hear about botched Kickstarter projects all the time - zombie survival games with a map the size of Germany, a new dice for D&D blah blah blah. But we may just have something original. It's called Identity.


It's an MMORPG by the same guys that made the Arma III mod, Altis Life, and features you, the player, as a citizen of a nondescript town somewhere in America. It effectively works as something like Grand Theft Auto Online, but a lot more docile - every player has a job, be it a policeman, trucker etc. so it eliminates the need for AI.

This project is asking for a meagre sum of $150, 000 in backing, which according to the devs will be nowhere near enough to create a playable game, but exists only as proof to investors that the public would be interested in an undertaking like this. 

Just (Canadian) $10 - to around £6.50 - will get you the game as well as a little hat to wear in-game. 

It really looks like it could be something so if you think it has potential, please inject a little cash into it - it certainly deserves it more than the $4.8 that's just gone to a card game. Tell me what you think in the comments ;)


- ~ DrFelixPhD

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