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Scary Granules Episode 26 - Buck Rogers Special!!!!


The year is 2014, and the Destructoid community has just launched the last of it's deep space exploration missions, Scary Granules 7. In a freak mishap whilst navigating their way around Jupiter's rings and simultaneously trying to reach for the TV remote to turn over from Jeremy Kyle our two hosts, Panza DelaDolphino and Glowbear Stinkypants Mcgee, are thrown off-course and into a freak spacial anomaly that knocks out their life-support system, frozen in suspended animation and left to drift back towards Earth as the years hurtle by things don't look good for our intrepid hosts...







Shaken from their hybernation, still clutching their alcoholic beverages and assorted munchies, and now hurtling back to Earth at a speed never before experienced by normal human folk Glowbear and Panza decide to do the only logical thing: Record another episode of their awful podcast.


Yes, that's right folks, we're back. Sorta. Kinda. Hopefully.

And we return with a very special Buck Rogers themed Scary Granules episode for you... YAY!!!! Though you can't actually see them, Panza and Glowbear are dressed as characters from the hit 80's TV show Buck Rogers in the 25th century for the entirety of the show. Panza obviously resembling Buck Rogers the most so dressed as him and Glowbear quite clearly resembling the space vampire from that one episode... so much so that she didn't even need to dress up!!

But it's not all about the Buck, we have diseases to talk about, and we played videogames (I'm looking at you Alien Isolation!), we also natter a bit about the Hellraiser comics, Glowbear waffles on about a Dragon Age something or other... I'm not sure, I sort of blacked out for that bit! What I can assure you we do have though is a good sense of humour, a raspy voice that will make you cry and enough entertainment value to fill an entire mid 90's early morning kid's TV show!

And just a warning you guys, this episode is 95% Buck Rogers. And by 95% I mean we mention him once and then get back to talking about all the random shit we talk about on every other episode!!! Dramatically exciting I know!!!!!!!!!!!

Scary Granules Episode 26 - Buck Rogers Special!!!!!

How much Buck is too much Buck? Why not tell us:

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