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I'm morally outraged! (Except when my friends do it.)


Time for ethics! Or rather the utter lack there of by the usual suspects, mixed in with a little tone and morallity policing by people who have no morals.

I really have very little to say on this point other than its demonstrating another incident of the people "not trying to take your games away" trying to take your games away because they find the material objectionable. That is, unless that EXACT SAME MATERIAL is being covered by a friend in their little San Fransisco circle jerk club. Then, not only is it okay, but its a great idea! Posting a rather large picture below that sums it all up. Enjoy the read.

Its okay when WE do it!

Too bad the Social Justice Inquisition got ahold of it. Looks like it would have been cute, fun, and a lot pervy.

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