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Songs for Gamers Volume III - Update 2 of ? (Feedback needed)


Hello friends,

I wanted to share the next 10 tracks with you, but I also wanted to get some feedback/thoughts on something. I might be having an issue with my audio setup that may slow down or even prevent me from writing new music. I've written 20 songs for Volume III (1 hour, 2 minutes worth of music). Should I release the 20 tracks as Volume III, and save the 15-20 requests I have remaining for Volume IV? I normally do 30-35 tracks per album, but if there's going to be a delay in making music, I'd like to put out what I can in the meantime.

I don't plan on stopping, but if the audio issue persists (I'm getting a buzzing noise from the right side of my headphones), I may need to stop, and figure out how to fix the issue. These are expensive headphones I bought for mixing/mastering (I paid around 300 for them) since I do not have a decent studio monitor setup. I could probably contact the company to see what they say, but it could be an expensive fix, so it may cause a delay in making music. I'm not sure yet.

It's really great to be writing music, especially for the community. I'd probably go indefinitely until I couldn't think of a single tune to write (or ran out of requests). There feels like way more guitar work in these songs than I normally do, so it might be an interesting change compared to my mostly electronic style.

I'll embed the 10 tracks. Not really sure if I'll put descriptions, since I'm a bit nervous in regards to my audio setup, 9 out of 10 have been approved so far, and 1 was written for a person that no longer frequents the website. Tristrix was very supportive of me on the day Robin Williams died, and it felt like I was going to explode from all the emotions I was feeling. I wanted to thank him with a song. That's another reason why I changed the name of the album to Songs for Gamers, so that I could write songs for people I know that may not even have heard of the website. It's usually 99% community, though, with Tristrix being the only "exception", although he was a member in the past, and older members have left the site, so I suppose it's still 100% :P

So here are 10 new songs.

Ninjaneering (StriderHoang) : Kickass guitar music. Probably my fastest piece at 230bpm.

With What We Have Left (Tristrix) : Industrial song. 

Puerum de Tenebris (Nihil) : Slow rock song.

Slideways (HappyDayWarrior) : A bit more upbeat rock song! :p

We Are As One (Rob Morrow) : I suppose this could be electronic/breakbeat? It sounds awesome :p

Split Future (Firion) : Heavier rock/metal song.

Static Shuffle (Mix) : A Smooth Jazz type song.

Murder, Solve, Save (Marche100) : Not sure what genre this is, but it's written as a song to be played in an investigation-type video game.

Science! (Darren Nakamura) : Electronic music? This is similar to my regular type of music, assuming I even have a regular type at this point.

Giraffe Coffins (long john) : Mellow tune.

As always, I hope you find something you like listening to. If I release the album with 20 tracks, please look for it on my Bandcamp. I won't make another blog post if I decide to do it. My next blog post related to Songs for Gamers would be for Volume IV when I have 10 more tracks ready to go. Thanks for listening.

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